Daily Report – 2/9/18

Top Stories
Winter Olympics’ Security on Alert, but Hackers Have a Head Start – The New York Times
The Department of Homeland Security is warning Americans planning to attend the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang that cybercriminals are likely to be targeting the Games. (read more)
Surveillance system or public-safety tool? Seattle dismantles controversial wireless mesh network (Seattle) –The Seattle Times
Seattle’s wireless mesh network, a node of controversy about police surveillance and the role of federal funding in city policing, is coming down. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Federal Hill businesses looking to hire private security for commercial district (Baltimore) – The Baltimore Sun
Federal Hill businesses are looking to deploy private security teams around the South Baltimore neighborhood’s bars and shops by April 1 to deter crime and make residents and visitors feel safer. (read more)
Surveillance program to catch illegal Oakland dumpers not working, city admits (Oakland, Calif.) – KTVU.com
The city of Oakland spent $100,000 on a pilot surveillance camera program to catch illegal dumpers.  But the problem is, even as a pilot program, the cameras don’t appear to be working to curb the larger problem, city officials acknowledged. (read more)
Mt. Juliet city leaders take aim at gun store security (Mt. Juliet, Tenn.) – WKRN.com
City leaders in Mt. Juliet are taking aim at gun store security, but store owners say a remedy is not that simple. (read more)
Pima County supervisors reject $1.4M federal grant tied to border security (Pima County, Ariz.) – Tucson.com
Pima County’s supervisors voted for the first time to reject federal money that encourages collaboration between the Sheriff’s Department and the Border Patrol, citing Trump administration changes in immigration enforcement. (read more)
Brown County takes step toward metal detectors to address courthouse security (Green Bay, Wis.) – Green Bay Press Gazette.
Brown County took a step forward Wednesday toward having a courthouse that’s less accessible but more secure. (read more)
Citing Concerns, Hartford Councilwoman Drafts Policy For City’s Use Of Drones (Hartford, Conn.) – Hartford Courant.
Hartford’s police department is still months away from flying a pair of new, high-powered drones. It hasn’t even purchased them yet. (read more)
Campus Security
Campus security top priority while protecting white nationalist student’s First Amendment rights, UNL chancellor says (Lincoln, Neb.) – Omaha World-Herald
Ronnie Green, chancellor of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, assured his campus Thursday that security is his highest priority while preserving a white nationalist’s freedom of speech. (read more)
Ohio Governor Calls for Review of Title IX Enforcement (Ohio) – Campus Safety
Ohio Governor John Kasich has called on the state department of higher education to review Title IX enforcement on college campuses. (read more)
Security Costs Loom Larger in Campus Free-Speech Fights. A Lawsuit Shows Why. (Seattle) – The Chronicle of Higher Education
The University of Washington’s College Republicans sued the university late Tuesday over its decision to charge the group $17,000 in security fees for a planned rally this weekend featuring a controversial conservative speaker. (read more)
TPSD holds safety audit training to fortify school security (Tupelo, Miss.) – Daily Journal
Tupelo Public School District leaders and staff prepared for the worst Thursday, while hoping they never have to use the skills they are learning at its safety audit training sessions. (read more)
Transportation Security
Due for a Risk Assessment, Phoenix Airports Could See New Security Plan (Phoenix) – Phoenix New Times
The last time Phoenix airports implemented a comprehensive security action plan was 2004. The last time the plan was updated? 2009. (read more)
Will Orlando International Airport Privatize Security? (Orlando) – Forbes
The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, has been under even more scrutiny than usual lately. Security times at the nation’s major airports seem to be growing even as the TSA’s screeners routinely fail to detect up to 80% of banned items in undercover trials according to a recent report by ABC News. (read more)
Cyber Security
Protecting Physical Assets from Cyber Threats Grows in Priority – Security Magazine
Federal regulators have stepped up oversight of the security of the nation’s power utilities as they work to safeguard the grid from threats and incidents such as widespread, long-duration blackouts caused by digital saboteurs. (read more)
Home Security/Automation
Google, Netgear, and more are shaking up home security market – Business Insider
The connected home security market has been one of the most active segments of the consumer IoT, with companies like Nest and Wink releasing new products in a bid to expand their presence in the home, as detailed in our recent IoT 2018 report. (read more)
Security Industry
Identiv expands portfolio with 3VR acquisition – SecurityInfoWatch
In a transaction that Steven Humphreys, CEO of Identiv Inc. hopes will move his company into becoming the full-service technology solutions provider he envisions for future growth, the Fremont, Calif.-based provider of physical security and secure identification technologies has entered into an agreement to acquire 3VR Security Inc., a leading video technology and analytics company out of San Francisco. (read more)
How does the cloud impact video surveillance? – Security Systems News
Several professionals in video surveillance-bringing expertise in verification, data storage, consumer video and professional video-gathered here at Security Systems News’ third annual Cloud+ to discuss how the cloud will impact camera technologies.  (read more)

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