After backlash, animal shelter fires security robot, “effective immediately” (San Francisco) – ARS Technica

A five-foot (1.5 meter) tall outdoor K5 security robot patrols the grounds of the Washington Harbour retail-residential center in the Georgetown district of Washington, DC July 26, 2017. The robots, produced by the California tech startup Knightscope, are intended to assist in crime prevention and law enforcement. They are equipped with a 360-degree camera, thermal imaging, automatic license plate recognition, directional microphones, proximity sensors and other technology. Their "anomaly detection software" is designed to determine if there is a threat, and alert appropriate authorities. / AFP PHOTO / Rob Lever / TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY Rob LEVER "Mishap doesn't dampen enthusiasm for security robots" (Photo credit should read ROB LEVER/AFP/Getty Images)

As of Thursday morning local time, a San Francisco animal adoption agency will immediately halt its recent use of a controversial security robot. (read more)

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