Daily Report – 11/27/17

Top Stories
Cyber Monday: Here’s how you can protect your information while shopping – NBC News
If you’re on the prowl for some good Cyber Monday deals, it’s more than likely that hackers will also be hunting for your credit card information. (read more)
Drone drops leaflets over football stadiums, raising security concerns (San Francisco) –
Fox News
A drone pilot was arrested on Sunday for allegedly flying a drone over two football stadiums in California, prompting an investigation by federal, state and local law enforcement. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Focus on Manatee: Port Manatee enhances security while facilitating record commerce (Palmetto, Fla.) – Bradenton Herald
While Port Manatee’s record-setting cargo volumes have been stealing the headlines, Manatee County’s seaport has quietly been enhancing its around-the-clock security to facilitate the swift, efficient flow of increasing genuine commerce and avert movement of unauthorized people and goods. (read more)
Las Vegas Has Most Registered Drone Owners (Las Vegas) – Security Magazine
The 89117 zip code in Las Vegas  holds the most registered hobbyist drone users in the country. (read more)
Fostering collaborations for bomb squad response – Homeland Security News Wire
Every day, state and local bomb squads place themselves in harm’s way in order to shield citizens and property from potential catastrophe. Many of the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) they face are cobbled together from everyday objects with the intent to cause maximum casualties and damage-the reality is they are easy to build, difficult to combat and their makeup constantly evolves. (read more)
Thunder Bay city council to consider more surveillance cameras (Thunder Bay, Canada) – CBC News
More cameras could be trained on high-risk areas of Thunder Bay if city council votes tonight to move forward with a proposed public surveillance camera program. (read more)
Editorial: Reconsider security cameras (Lawrence, Kan.) – LJWorld.com
It is time that the city of Lawrence reconsider the use of video cameras in high-profile public spaces. (read more)
“Can you ever be prepared for an active threat?”: In 2017, everybody has an active shooter drill (Virginia Beach, Va.) – The Virginian-Pilot
The women in the third floor break room of the Virginia Beach courthouse flew into action, pushing a long, wooden table against the door. (read more)
Transportation Security
MTA equipping buses with cameras that target drivers, raising concerns over intrusiveness (New York) – NY Daily News
Smile, bus drivers, you’re on transit camera. For the first time in New York, buses are being outfitted with cameras that zoom directly on the driver. (read more)
Body Worn Cameras
Should Healthcare Employees Wear Body Cameras? – Healthcare Analytics News
In September, a Pennsylvania hospital came under scrutiny after employees used their personal devices to take photographs and videos of a patient under anesthesia who had suffered a genital injury. The hospital, UPMC Bedford Memorial, called the actions of its staffers “abhorrent,” and the state’s health department cited the institution for 3 privacy violations. (read more)

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