Daily Report – 10/13/17

Top Stories
Mandalay Bay management says Las Vegas rampage began ‘within 40 seconds’ after security guard reported shooting (Las Vegas) – Los Angeles Times
The company that runs the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino has disputed the timeline offered by Las Vegas police for the Oct. 1 mass shooting at the hotel, suggesting Thursday that very little time had elapsed between when gunman Stephen Paddock shot a hotel security guard and when he started firing on a concert crowd outside. (read more)
Trump announces Kirstjen Nielsen as pick to lead Homeland Security – Fox News
President Trump formally announced his nomination Thursday of top White House official Kirstjen Nielsen for secretary of homeland security. (read more)
Don’t expect to see major security changes at casinos following Las Vegas shooting – SecurityInfoWatch
As new details about the deadly Las Vegas shooting emerge, hotels and casino properties continue to grapple with how to deal with security and guests who are a potential threat. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Federal Courthouses’ Beefing up Security to Keep the Community Safe (Fort Smith, Ark.) – NWAHomepage.com
Fort Smith and Fayetteville Federal Courthouses are undergoing renovations to add extra protection to their exterior. (read more)
Report: Bullets fired by Las Vegas gunman hit jet fuel tank at airport (Las Vegas) – SecurityInfoWatch
Bullets from Sunday night’s Las Vegas shooting spree hit a jet fuel tank at a nearby airport, a spokesman for McCarran International Airport told the Herald last night. (read more)
Surveillance Investigation Reveals Serious Security Lapses at Federal Chemical Facilities – Security Sales & Integration
It has been revealed that federal investigators conducting covert surveillance and other secret operations successfully breached security at two secure U.S. government facilities in Colorado and Maryland, one of which contained a nuclear research reactor, according to a new government report. (read more)
How Joining Industry Associations Can Offer Bountiful Benefits – Security Sales & Integration
Jerry Lenander is a pretty busy, and accomplished, individual. As executive director he heads up the California Alarm Association (CAA), which hosts two of the more successful association meetings in the industry (a spring meeting in Palm Springs and winter meeting in San Francisco). (read more)
Campus Security
Police, district detail boys’ alleged plot to attack Colorado Springs middle school (Colorado Springs, Colo.) – SecurityInfoWatch
“It’s just crazy,” a mother muttered Monday while walking into Sabin Middle School, a gifted magnet school of about 800 students in the Village Seven neighborhood of Colorado Springs. (read more)
Transportation Security
TSA Explains Reasons Behind Tough Security Checks – CBS Philly
The frustrating pat downs, inconvenient searches, and the worry of carrying banned items, are now post-9/11 norms at airports across the country. (read more)
New automated security lanes at DFW Airport could make your next trip a breeze (Dallas) – Dallas News
When it comes to navigating the airport, there are few experiences more frustrating — or more time consuming — than making it through the security screening line. (read more)
Come fly the hackable skies – SecurityInfoWatch
We are undoubtedly living in a hack-happy society today. Every nook and cranny of available data seems to be on some sort of information thievery smorgasbord buffet; from bank and credit reports to unreleased Hollywood movies and personal healthcare records. The onslaught has been relentless over the past half-decade. Yet as sensational as most hacks first appear, many are more of an inconvenience that leave the door open for eventual repair and hardly present a physical danger to the general population. (read more)

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