Daily Report – 9/18/17

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As Trump visits U.N., New York prepares for ‘Super Bowl’ of security (New York) – Reuters
New York police and a host of federal agencies are preparing for the annual traffic and security nightmare known as the United Nations General Assembly, featuring a week of speeches by U.S. President Donald Trump and a parade of other dignitaries. (read more)
British Airways flight held at Paris airport over security concerns (Paris) – CNN
A British Airways flight was briefly grounded in Paris early Sunday, with passengers deplaned amid security concerns, French authorities said. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Small Consumer Drones Pose Little Risk of Serious Head Injury – Security Magazine
Researchers at Virginia Tech have found that small consumer drones are unlikely to cause severe head injuries if they fall out of the sky and strike people. (read more)
Considerable progress since 9/11 in U.S. public health emergency preparedness – Homeland Security News Wire
Sixteen years after terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center in New York City, and on the heels of destructive Hurricane Harvey, the American Journal of Public Health is releasing a special supplementfocused on public health emergency preparedness. (read more)
Brookhaven council approves surveillance cameras (Brookhaven, Ga.) – Reporter Newspapers
The City Council unanimously approved Sept. 12 entering into a three-year lease agreement with Georgia Power to lease surveillance license plate reader cameras at nearly 30 spots throughout the city. (read more)
Extraordinary event repeal changes security at Panthers home opener (Charlotte, N.C.) – WCNC.com
As thousands gathered for the Panthers first season home opener Sunday, some security changes came into play. (read more)
Campus Security
Abuse allegations, arrests mount at state mental hospital (Hartford, Conn.) – WTNH.com
At Connecticut’s only maximum-security psychiatric hospital, staff members put a diaper on a patient’s head, threw food at him, poured water over him, put salt in his coffee, kicked him and placed a mop on his head after cleaning a floor, according to a state report. (read more)
Racial slurs written on dorm door name tags (Ann Arbor, Mich.) – The Michigan Daily
Three Black students’ room doors in Michigan Community Scholars Program, located in West Quad Residence Hall, were vandalized with racial slurs over the weekend. The hate speech, including “N—–,” was written underneath their name tags placed on their dorm room doors. (read more)
Transportation Security
Is it possible to protect a subway system? – NZHerald.conz
As the London Tube attack reminds us, public transit is a plum target for terrorists. (read more)
4 ways AI could make airports more tolerable – Venture Beat
Is it possible that a combination of computer vision and AI could make airports more tolerable? Implementing these technologies won’t build larger airports or reduce the number of passengers, but it could offer a unique solution to airport wait times. (read more)
Why Apple’s Face ID feature is a security “compromise”  – Security Systems News
Apple executives unveiled the iPhone X this week along with a new facial recognition feature called Face ID. The iPhone’s newest security feature, which uses a 3D scan of the user’s face to unlock the phone, is also raising questions about privacy and security. Senior writer for Wired magazine Andy Greenberg joins “CBS This Morning: Saturday” to discuss whether the technology can be tricked and why using a six-digit passcode is more secure than anything else. (watch video)
Facial Recognition Designed to Defeat Disguises – SDM
A paper to appear at the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops 2017 introduced a framework for performing facial recognition of partially covered or disguised faces, such as those of protesters who wear masks and scarves to hide their identity. (read more)
Body Worn Cameras
Learning from cop cams: The first release of NYPD body-camera footage reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the new technology (New York) – NY Daily News
The release of video from NYPD body cameras of the deadly encounter with Miguel Richards in the Bronx gives New York, for the first time, the opportunity to appreciate the great value the equipment adds to our understanding of police-involved shootings – and to acknowledge the limitations in the long-awaited technology. (read more)
Security Industry
SMS Integration Expands Into Northeast Georgia With Lint Security Buy – Security Sales & Integration
SMS Integration, based here, has expanded its reach into northeast Georgia with the acquisition of Lint Security, a provider of security systems, fire alarms and custom home theater systems. (read more)
HID Global Helps U.S. Government Agencies Increase Visitor Security with New Temporary Access Card – SDM
HID Global announced a new standards-based identity and access management (IAM) solution for government agencies to more easily comply with the mandate to improve physical access and digital identity security. At the heart of this IAM solution is the new HID Crescendo Temporary Access Card, which gives visitors a more secure credential to enter government buildings. (read more)

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