Daily Report – 9/11/17

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Park installs extra security to keep gators from escaping during Irma (Orlando) – New York Post
An Orlando attraction that’s home to more than 2,000 live alligators and other deadly reptiles says no animals will make a jailbreak when Hurricane Irma lashes the area with wind and rain in coming days. (read more)
Airline employee still haunted by checking in hijackers on Sept. 11 – WSOCTV.com
Vaughn Allex was working the ticket counter at American Airlines at Dulles International Airport on Sept. 11, 2001, when two men arrived, late for Flight 77. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Browns stadium security guards are practicing catching drunk fans running onto the field (Cleveland) – For The Win
NFL season doesn’t really start until we get our first drunk idiot running on the field. But any fan in Cleveland thinking about invading the field may want to reconsider. The Browns stadium security is prepared, as evidenced by this quick training session before their Week 1 game. (read more)
Teaching old dogs new tricks – SecurityInfoWatch
For all the advancements made over the years in explosives detection technology, many of these solutions have not yet been able to replicate the accuracy  nor the mobility of one of nature’s most powerful detection devices – the canine’s nose. Although bomb-sniffing dogs are considered an essential part of our nation’s fight against terrorism, many explosive detection canine teams across the country do not have easy access to the resources necessary to help keep them current with the latest knowledge and tactics. (read more)
Nationwide mall theft ring accused of shoplifting $20M worth of high-end merchandise in past decade – SecurityInfoWatch
Fourteen people were arrested Wednesday, accused of helping shoplift more than $20 million in merchandise from malls in Southern California to the East Coast, and fencing the stolen items in Tijuana. (read more)
American Red Cross Will Test a Drone to Assess Damage From Hurricane Harvey – Security Sales & Integration
American Red Cross is partnering with UPS Foundation and drone manufacturer CyPhy Works in a first of its kind effort to test a tethered drone to assess damage after a major natural disaster in the United States. (read more)
Drunk, rude customers prompt security to increase at Calgary’s Nicholls Family library (Calgary, Canada) – CBC News
Calgary’s first library branch in a C-Train station is proving a security challenge, as staff and management try to reduce the number of incidents at the Westbrook LRT station branch. (read more)
Sheriff’s dept. seeks grant to upgrade court security (Manchester, Tenn.) – The Tullahoma Tennessee News
In an effort to improve the safety at the Coffee County Justice Center, Coffee County Sherriff’s department is applying for a state court security grant, according to Capt. Frank Watkins with the sheriff’s department. (read more)
Campus Security
Lake Region State College Updates Security Measures (Devils Lake, N.D.) – U.S. News
Lake Region State College has created a campus police force as part of an initiative started in 2013 to improve safety and security. (read more)
Fresno State Is Giving PERS Pendants to Students to Enhance Campus Safety (Fresno, Calif.) – Security Sales & Integration
Officials at California State University, Fresno, are providing personal emergency response system (PERS) pendants to students to help ensure their safety while on campus. (read more)
Dome security adapts in world with growing terrorism concerns (Syracuse, N.Y.) – The Daily Orange
Nothing scares John Sardino more than the in-between, when he’s waiting to hear whether a threat or report is credible. About once every other year, one will pop up on the Department of Public Safety associate chief’s radar. Whether it’s a threat on social media or an individual with suspicious behavior roaming the Carrier Dome concourse, the most stressful part of Sardino’s job is the three to four hours it takes for his units to solve such issues. (read more)
How officials try to prevent violence at campus rallies (Washington, D.C.) – The GW Hatchet
Weeks after a mob of white nationalists marched through the University of Virginia, igniting chaos and violence, officials said they’re working to ensure GW isn’t next. (read more)
Cyber Security
Best Buy is pulling security software from Russian firm from shelves – Star Tribune
Best Buy is pulling internet security software made by a Russian company off its shelves and from its website amid outside concerns that Kaspersky Lab could have links to the Russian government, said a source familar with the matter. (read more)
Passing Through Airport Security With the Touch of a Finger – The New York Times
Airport terminals are often a maze of lines that choke check-in counters and kiosks, baggage drop-off areas, gates and security checkpoints. (read more)
Home Security/Automation
Eye-Catching Smart Home Tech From CEDIA 2017 – Security Sales & Integration
SSI sister publication CE Pro is in San Diego this week for CEDIA 2017, a five-day trade show that brings together more than 18,000 home tech pros and over 500 exhibitors. Security integrators will want to take note of these latest Smart Home products. (read more)
Body Worn Cameras
Body-worn Cameras: Crime Prevention Tool, Or Threat To Privacy? – SourceSecurity.com
Despite the increasing popularity of body-worn cameras, the technology has its detractors. For example, this month, Big Brother Watch, a British civil liberties and privacy organization, is raising new questions about the effectiveness of body-worn cameras. Specifically, Big Brother Watch found that 32 of the 45 police forces that have adopted body-cams in the United Kingdom were “unable to say” how often the footage was used in courts. To be clear, being “unable to say” doesn’t equate to the cameras not being useful, and using video as evidence in court is just one of the possible ways the cameras could be beneficial. (read more)
Buffalo police prepare to use body cameras in pilot program (Buffalo, N.Y.) – The Buffalo News
With the push of a button, the Buffalo Police Department will soon usher in a new era of high-tech law enforcement and greater transparency with the community. (read more)
Security Industry
Security Industry Rallies to Help Harvey Victims – Security Today
Manufacturer Rep Firm LRG inc and their vendor partners have started a pledge drive to directly assist electronic security personnel and their families that were severely affected by Hurricane Harvey. ABC News reported yesterday that as many as 85% of the Houston flood victims do not have flood insurance. Many were not required as they did not reside in a 100 year flood plain. (read more)

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