Daily Report – 7/21/17

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U.S. says 180 airlines implement enhanced security measures – CNBC
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said Thursday that 180 airlines worldwide that fly directly to U.S. airports have complied with the first phase of enhanced security measures outlined in June. (read more)
U.S. ends airline laptop ban: New security measures make the electronics OK to carry on – Los Angeles Times
New security measures added at international airports now allow laptop computers, tablets and other large electronic devices in the cabins of flights to the United States, the Department of Homeland Security announced Thursday. (read more)
Home security firm ADT reportedly could IPO for $15 billion – CNBC
Home security company ADT could become one of the biggest initial public offerings of the year. (read more)
Global Security
Moscow in talks with U.S. to create cyber working group: RIA report – Reuters
A security firm is under investigation for allegedly supplying cloned badges to unlicensed stewards at UK festivals this summer. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Denver News Report Spurs Library Crime Crackdown (Denver) – Library Journal
Moscow and Washington are in talks to create a joint cyber security working group, Russia’s RIA news agency reported on Thursday, citing Andrey Krutskikh, a special presidential envoy on cyber security. (read more)
11 Investigates breakdown that led to city surveillance camera problems (Pittsburgh) – WPXI.com
Target 11 obtained an internal report from the City of Pittsburgh that is highly critical of the former head of the city’s camera surveillance network. The report accuses the former employee of mismanaging the system and potentially jeopardizing public safety, and the report also claims more than $500,000 worth of invoices were never paid. (read more)
President Trump’s home in New Jersey gets security designation (Bedminster, N.J.) – KTAR.com
The New Jersey town where President Donald Trump has spent weekends at his golf course has received a designation by the Secret Service so it can be reimbursed by the federal government for security costs. (read more)
Security Company Is Replacing a Mall Robot That Fell Into a Fountain to the Internet’s Delight (Washington, D.C.) – The New York Times
This is probably not the security droid we’re looking for. The egg-shaped robot, known as the K5 Autonomous Data Machine, drew sympathy and jeers on Monday after it stumbled down a set of steps and into a fountain at Washington Harbour, an office and retail complex in the Georgetown neighborhood of D.C. The photos were widely shared. (read more)
Police learn to use private security cameras as their eyes and ears (New Jersey) – NorthJersey.com
Inexpensive surveillance cameras are quickly becoming another weapon in the fight against crime by municipal police departments. (read more)
Homeland security secretary says ports a terrorism priority – ABC News
Security at shipping ports around the U.S., including testing containers and vessels for biological and radiological hazards, is a top priority to preventing terrorism, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Thursday. (read more)
Campus Security
Card security options for campus IDs – CR80 News
Card security is an understandable concern for many public and private organizations, and the use of security features to detect fraudulent cards is increasing everywhere. An ID card is the visual verification that the person is supposed to be there, and is who they say they are, so it needs to be secure and easily validated. (read more)
School officials to beef up security after thousands in funds stolen (West Palm Beach, Fla.) – CBS12.com
Local leaders are taking action after three Palm Beach County School employees were accused of stealing more than $100,000 from the district in recent years. (read more)
Security Cameras Upgraded in Schools – Union School District to Bolster Safety Measures (Union, Mo.) – eMissourian.com
The Union R-XI administration team is looking to tighten up security measures at some of the district schools this summer through several projects, including a possible electronic sign-in system. (read more)
New high school designed with security, atmosphere in mind (Farmington, N.M.) – Education Week
When it came time to design a new main building at Farmington High School, Jeremy Trumble of the Albuquerque-based design firm FBT Architects knew there was one priority that towered above the rest – security. (read more)
Transportation Security
Tokyo Airport Police Find 30 Bullets In US Plane Crew’s Bag (Tokyo) – AP
Japanese airport police found 30 bullets in an American Airlines crewmember’s carry-on bag and said Wednesday that the flight attendant apparently carried them through his security checks at U.S. airports. (read more)
Does the light rail feel unsafe? Phoenix, Mesa and Tempe spend to boost security (Arizona) – AZ Central
Light-rail riders concerned about their safety when using the system will soon see a boost in police presence across Phoenix, Mesa and Tempe. (read more)
DMV Facial Recognition System Deemed Illegal By Vermont Attorney General (Vermont) – VPR
A facial recognition system in place at Vermont’s Department of Motor Vehicle has been suspended indefinitely after a review by the state’s Attorney General found that the system violates state law. (read more)
Apple has invented a way to secretly call 911 using your fingerprint – CNBC
Apple has invented a more discreet way to call emergency services with a touch, aimed at helping users evade potential attackers. (read more)
At O’Hare, some passengers undergo face scans in test of security program (Chicago) – Chicago Tribune
Starting this month, passengers on some international flights from O’Hare airport have been getting their pictures taken before boarding as part of a new U.S. security program that utilizes facial-recognition technology. (read more)

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