What’s Going on With the Laptop Ban and Airport Security? Here’s What You Need to Know Today – INC.com

As CEO of Ovation Travel Group, I am often asked about the latest travel news and industry developments. Depending on what’s happening at any given moment, this could mean a wide range of topics from the coolest new travel app and “smart” technology suitcases to more serious topics such as safety and risk management procedures. I consult a variety of industry and news sources on a daily basis, and these days, there’s one over-arching topic in all the headlines: security. Specifically, the so called “laptop ban,” and what types of personal electronic devices are subject to screening and enhanced procedures at security checkpoints in airports. Not only that, but the laptop ban has developed and changed quite a bit over the last few months and is continuing to do so. These issues are complex and can be confusing, and so I’ve put together a chart, timeline and primer to break down where we were in March and how things have developed through to today… (read more)

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