Daily Report – 7/14/17

Top Stories
Lawmakers Can Use Campaign Funds for Home Security, F.E.C. Says – The New York Times
Congressional leaders, shaken by last month’s shooting at a Republican congressional baseball practice and a spike in threats to their members, want to be able to use campaign funds to tighten lawmakers’ home security. (read more)
Securing Elections Remains Surprisingly Controversial – Wired
For all the uncertainty surrounding the Trump campaign’s associations with Russia, one thing remains clear: A foreign power interfered in the US presidential race, with hackers targeting the election systems of 21 states to do so. And yet the government has done precious little to keep it from happening again. The inaction stems not from laziness or ignorance but a deep, possibly unbridgeable divide between state and federal powers. (read more)
Trump’s Dept. of Homeland Security budget would dramatically cut counterterrorism programs, report says – The Washington Post
President Trump’s proposed budget would cut more than half a billion dollars from “critical counterterrorism programs” administered by the Department of Homeland Security, according to a new congressional report. (read more)
Tour de France presents security challenge in age of terrorism (Pau, France) – Velonews
French police have “eyes everywhere” as they look to ensure safety and security at the Tour de France. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
New NASA Tech Kills Trespassing Drones Without Touching Them – Wired
In the most nightmarish drone scenarios, one of the little whirlybirds flies into an airliner, or wanders into military airspace, or swoops down on the White House. At best, such things are mild annoyances. At worst, they pose a grave threat to safety and security. The sky is a big, open place, with a great many no-go zones that aren’t clearly delineated. That makes it easy for a drone, or its pilot, to cause trouble. (read more)
AI is the key to Ending Terrorism and Other Criminal Activities – Edgy Labs
As terrorist attacks make headlines around the world, banks and other financial institutions have started using artificial intelligence to bring about ending terrorism. (read more)
Campus Security
Miami-Dade schools propose to increase safety for foreign exchange students (Miami) – WSVN.com
The Miami-Dade County Public Schools district is looking to increase safety for foreign exchange students living in South Florida. (read more)
‘A lot of work to do’: Superintendent addresses concerns about student safety at Madrona School (Edmonds, Wash.) – MyEdmondsNews.com
“On the second to last day of school this year, my kids saw this.” Karin Butler, of Edmonds, held up a printed sign showing graffiti that was painted on Madrona K-8 School during one of several incidents during the school year. The sign faced the Edmonds School Board during the board’s regular meeting on Tuesday night. She did not turn the sign around to the audience, she said, because there were children in the room and the language was explicit. (read more)
Extra security added for meeting on Chapin elementary school site (Lexington County, S.C.) – The State
Extra security will be in place Monday when the Lexington-Richland 5 School Board decides on a controversial proposal to turn a hayfield near Chapin into the eventual home of an elementary school. (read more)
Transportation Security
BART Withholding Surveillance Videos Of Crime To Avoid ‘Stereotypes’ (San Francisco) – CBS SF Bay Area
In the last three months, there have been at least three robberies on BART involving groups of teenagers. (read more)
Chicago Airport Security Officers to Shed ‘Police’ Label After United Airlines Dragging Episode (Chicago) – The New York Times
It was a video clip watched around the world: A screaming doctor, forcibly yanked from his seat by an officer, who dragged the man down the aisle of a United Airlines jet. (read more)
Qatar Airways offers a glimpse of the new laptop security regime – USA Today
As the Department of Homeland Security ramps up airline security, I got a glimpse Wednesday of the new standards in place at Doha’s airport for a Qatar Airways flight to the New York’s JFK airport. (read more)
Body Worn Cameras
Denver Police officer will lose vacation time for failing to activate body camera (Denver) – Denver Post
A Denver Police officer will lose a paid vacation day for failing to turn on his body camera while interviewing witnesses to a crash. (read more)
Security Industry
Best Buy introduces ‘smart home’ service aimed at caretakers’ needs – SecurityInfoWatch
Best Buy Inc. is launching a new “smart home” service this week in the Twin Cities aimed at helping adult children remotely check in on the health and safety of their aging parents. (read more)

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