Daily Report – 6/2/17

Top Stories
How rogue passengers are still evading airport security – New York Post
Aviation security forces are locked in a cat-and-mouse game with would-be attackers as they fight to prevent hijacking attempts like the one seen on a flight out of Melbourne, Australia today. (read more)
Self-driving cars will double as security cameras, says Intel CEO Brian Krzanich – CNBC
The benefits of having self-driving cars go far beyond automatic parking or fewer accidents, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told CNBC on Thursday. (read more)
Terrorism worldwide at all-time high – Homeland Security News Wire
Worldwide terrorism is at an all-time high, with the cost of violence to the global economy rising to $14.3 trillion last year. The impact of violence in the United States reached $2.5 trillion. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
City Council considers plan to install security cameras in northwest Springfield (Springfield, Mo.) – Springfield News-Leader
Portable security cameras – set up to monitor neighborhoods, intersections and parks – could become part of the ongoing city-led effort to alleviate poverty in northwest Springfield. (read more)
Idaho State Police Using Drones for ‘Bird’s-Eye View’ Surveillance (Idaho) – Security Sales & Integration
Count a half dozen unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to the ranks of the Idaho State Police (ISP). (read more)
Post-riot review finds Delaware prison poorly run, managed (Dover, Del.) – WBAL.com
An independent review ordered by Delaware’s governor after a deadly inmate riot describes the state’s maximum-security prison as dangerously overcrowded, critically understaffed, and poorly run and managed. (read more)
To fight crime, Miami-Dade may deploy blanket surveillance from the air (Miami) – Miami Herald
Miami-Dade police may deploy sophisticated aerial surveillance capable of photographing everyone outside for 32 square miles in an effort to track vehicles and individuals involved in crimes. (read more)
Campus Security
Celentano Search Sparks Security Review (New Haven, Conn.) – New Haven Independent
New Haven’s Board of Education is reexamining security policies citywide after parents raised questions about why security guards at Celentano School recently conducted searches of all students before letting them enter the building. (read more)
Add durability, security to campus IDs with advanced card materials – CR80 News
Universities across the country issue millions of pieces of plastic every year so that students can make purchases, access facilities and prove identity for applications both on and off campus. (read more)
Students need a ‘sense of ownership’ when it comes to school safety (Ontario, Canada) – CBC News
School violence is top of mind for many in northern Ontario this week. (read more)
Transportation Security
Armed gunman at Orlando airport ‘wanted to speak to president,’ police say (Orlando) – SecurityInfoWatch
Orlando police released more information about a 26-year-old armed suspect who they say pointed a simulated gun at himself and officers at Orlando International Airport on Tuesday night. (read more)
Homeland Security says there is ‘no timeline’ for European laptop ban, but it’s still an option – Tech Crunch
Business travelers between the U.S. and Europe can breathe a small sigh of relief and clutch their laptops a little closer – for now, anyway. Following a call between Secretary John Kelly and defense leads in Europe, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a statement clarifying that it would not seek to ban laptops from the cabin on commercial flights from Europe at this time. (read more)
Traveler describes chaos during standoff at Orlando International Airport (Orlando) – WESH.com
During the security scare at Orlando International Airport, confusion spread quickly as passengers wondered why armed law enforcement officers were surrounding the area. (read more)
Cyber Security
Hack The DHS: Senate Bill Would Encourage Hackers To Help Improve Security Of Department Of Homeland Security – International Business Times
A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate would offer rewards to hackers who report security vulnerabilities in the computer networks and systems of the Department of Homeland Security. (read more)

Facial Recognition Cameras Are Now Watching Your Emotions – 

As facial recognition technology becomes more commonplace, some companies are seeking an edge up on their competition by branching out – claiming to recognize a person’s emotional state, age, gender, and even criminal tendencies. (read more)
Home Security/Automation
New Nest camera zooms in and recognizes faces – CNN
You’ve seen it in every cheesy police procedural: A suspect is caught on grainy security camera footage. Someone tells the computer tech to “enhance!” and a pixelated blob magically morphs into a recognizable face. (read more)
Body Worn Cameras
JSO ready to test body cameras (Jacksonville, Fla.) – News4Jax.com
Before the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office begins testing body cameras next month, Sheriff Mike Williams laid out the plan for the pilot program at a community meeting Thursday night. (read more)
Security Industry
ASIS International to be more transparent and inclusive in 2017 – SourceSecurity.com
How do you make a 63-year-old organization even better? That’s the challenge for ASIS International as it continues an effort to be more transparent and inclusive, and to adapt to 21st century work environments. (read more)

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