Daily Report 4/12/17

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Security officer suspended, CEO responds after disturbing scene on United flight (Chicago) – KFOR.com
A man’s refusal to give up his seat on an overbooked United Airlines flight led to a disturbing scene Sunday that has travelers up in arms over airline policies. (read more)
Border Officers Nearly Double Searches of Electronic Devices, U.S. Says – The New York Times
Customs officers at the border and at airports almost doubled their searches of electronic devices of people entering the United States in the last six months, according to data released Tuesday by Customs and Border Protection. (read more)
Report: Homeland Security Fields 1,000 Sex Abuse Complaints – CBS Sacramento
An advocacy group said Tuesday that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s internal watchdog fielded more than 1,000 complaints of sexual assault or sexual abuse from people in custody in a little more than two years. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Security Officials Run Through Various Scenarios Ahead Of Boston Marathon (Boston) – CBS Boston
Those low-flying helicopters you might see over the city Tuesday are just a part of the intense security preparations for next week’s Boston Marathon. (read more)
Researchers link robots to surveillance teams – Phys Org
If you were monitoring a security camera and saw someone set down a backpack and walk away, you might pay special attention – especially if you had been alerted to watch that particular person. According to Cornell researchers, this might be a job robots could do better than humans, by communicating at the speed of light and sharing images. (read more)
City of Denver is watching you through surveillance cameras at City Park (Denver) – 9News.com
The city of Denver is in the process of rolling out an advanced surveillance system to keep a closer eye on criminal activity at some of the most popular parks in the city. (read more)
Fort Worth Neighborhoods To Get Mobile Surveillance Cameras (Fort Worth, Texas) – NBCDFW.com
Nearly 200 new surveillance cameras will soon roll out into neighborhoods in Fort Worth. (read more)
Russian Military Plane Will Fly Over the U.S. to Take Pictures-and That’s Totally OK – Popular Mechanics
A modified Russian military passenger jet will overfly the United States next week, taking photographs of the ground below and monitoring U.S. government activities. It’s basically spying but it’s all completely legal, thanks to the Open Skies Treaty of 1992 that allows the Russians to overfly the United States and Canada-and vice versa. (read more)
Drones Will Provide Extra Security Above Boston Marathon – CBS Boston
Drones will be hovering overhead of this year’s start line at the Boston Marathon as a new level of security for runners and spectators. (read more)
Trump, Chinese president security tab hit $1.5 million, according to Sheriff’s Office (Palm Beach, Fla.) – Sun-Sentinel
It cost South Florida taxpayers about $1.5 million to provide security for President Donald Trump’s meetings with the Chinese president along with the rest of his visit last week, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. (read more)
Campus Security
Murder-suicide in San Bernardino classroom: ‘He just shot everywhere’ (San Bernardino, Calif.) – Los Angeles Times
A 9-year-old girl in a gray zip-up sweater ran to her mother in tears. (read more)
Coppell school gets extra security after student’s social media threat (Coppell, Texas) – Dallas News
Coppell ISD has taken extra security precautions after a threat was made on social media Monday night by a Coppell Middle School North student. (read more)
With 1,100 security cameras, Syracuse University is one of the most watched campuses in the country (Syracuse, N.Y.) – The Daily Orange
In the bowels of the Department of Public Safety’s offices in Sims Hall, eight 65-inch flat screen televisions are mounted against a wall. One tracks the different cars out, one tracks information from the LiveSafe application, one tracks calls, one watches the entrance to DPS’ offices and another is typically tuned to CNN. Two dispatchers sit at computer stations with several screens of their own. (read more)
Transportation Security
Legal Marijuana Ends at Airport Security, Even if It’s Rarely Stopped – The New York Times
People in 29 states can legally use medical marijuana for a variety of problems, including the relief of pain, anxiety or stress. But what if they want to travel with it? (read more)
Canada boosts security for some air travelers, gives no details – The Daily Republic
Canada has implemented new security measures for air travelers from certain countries, its transport minister said on Tuesday, April 11, but he would not say what the measures are, nor what flights they affect. (read more)
Cyber Security
Why the board needs security leaders to fuel disciplined growth – CSO
Have you briefed your executives and board on the state of your security program? (read more)
Most US Citizens Want Government to Do More with Cybersecurity – Security Magazine
More than three-quarters of U.S. citizens are concerned about the privacy and security of their personal digital data, and almost two-thirds say they would feel more confident if government agencies with which they interact had stronger data-privacy and security policies. (read more)
Lee Co. moves forward with beefing up cyber security (Lee County, Ga.) – WALB.com
Lee County leaders voted to take measures to protect the county from hackers. (read more)
That Fingerprint Sensor on Your Phone Is Not as Safe as You Think – The New York Times
Fingerprint sensors have turned modern smartphones into miracles of convenience. A touch of a finger unlocks the phone – no password required. With services like Apple Pay or Android Pay, a fingerprint can buy a bag of groceries, a new laptop or even a $1 million vintage Aston Martin. And pressing a finger inside a banking app allows a user to pay bills or transfer thousands of dollars. (read more)

Body Worn Cameras
Bartholomew County sheriff asking council for $206,000 to buy deputies body cameras (Bartholomew County, Ind.) – Fox59.com
A local sheriff feels his department has waited long enough for body cameras and the purchase should be a top priority for the county. (read more)
Security Industry
New training course on understanding, preventing radicalization, violent extremism – Homeland Security News Wire
Practitioners and civic actors including law enforcement officers, school officials and community leaders can now, through a new self-paced, online training, gain a better understanding of radicalization to violence and violent extremism in the United States. Made available at no cost to learners, thanks to funding from the DHS, the course will also introduce a broad spectrum of community-led activities intended to foster resilience and counter violent extremism. (read more)

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