Daily Report – 4/10/17

Top Stories
Analysis: Egyptians see failed security in Palm Sunday church attacks (Egypt) – CNN
Fashil — “failed” — that’s how many Egyptians, particularly Coptic Christians, are describing their government’s handling of security in Egypt in the aftermath of the Palm Sunday bombings in Alexandria and Tanta. (read more)
Global Security
Bolstering security in urban centers – Homeland Security News Wire
The terrorist attack in Stockholm on Friday mimicked previous attacks in Europe, in which terrorists used vehicles to kill civilians. Among the cities in which such attacks were carried out are London, Nice, Glasgow, Berlin, and more. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Police investigating attack on Harrisburg Mall security guards (Dauphin County, Pa.) – ABC27.com
Swatara police are looking for the people who attacked three security guards at the Harrisburg mall on Saturday just before 11:30am. (read more)
Computer Hack Sets off 156 Emergency Sirens across Dallas (Dallas) – Security Magazine
A computer hack set off all the emergency sirens in Dallas for about 90 minutes last weekend in one of the largest known breaches of a siren warning system. (read more)
Alderman puts $437k toward 36 security cameras in south St. Louis (St. Louis) – St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Six south city wards will get a total of 36 new security cameras after Alderman Kenneth Ortmann committed just under $437,000 in capital funds for the project. (read more)
In Atlantic City, federal air marshals train to thwart terrorists (Atlantic City, N.J.) – The Washington Post
The first thing you notice is the gunfire. Loud blasts slice through the air with a sharp crack, crack, crack. (read more)
Campus Security
Editorial: UConn provides effective response at Oak Hall incident (Storrs, Conn.) – The Daily Campus
In late March, University of Connecticut police were summoned to investigate what eventually turned out to be a false alarm at Oak Hall. A person in the building was concerned about an overheard conversation and reported it to the police. As a result numerous UCPD vehicles arrived on the scene, blocking the entrances to the building until they confirmed that there was no threat. During that time students were directed to shelter in the nearest classroom. While the whole event turned out to be a misunderstanding, UCPD and the UConn Administration demonstrated that they were well prepared to protect students. (read more)
WUPD, WU admin reevaluate emergency preparedness a year after Forsyth shooting (St. Louis) – Student Life
Washington University administrators discussed the University’s preparedness for active shooter situations on the Danforth Campus as the one-year anniversary of the April 20 shooting of a Bon Appetit employee approaches. (read more)

Transportation Security
A fix is needed to ensure safety and confidence in MetroLink (St. Louis) – St. Louis Post-Dispatch
When will whoever is in charge start controlling who is able to get on the MetroLink trains and ensure they have a ticket? When will whoever is in charge start having humans riding these trains for security so as to deter folks from doing bad things like shooting someone? (read more)
Worship Security
NYPD guarding Coptic Christian churches in wake of Egypt bombings (New York) – Metro
Palm Sunday was a somber one for New York City’s Coptic Christians mourning their brethren in Egypt where attacks on parishioners claimed 43 lives. (read more)
Body Worn Cameras
NY police set to deploy 1,200 bodycams around the city (New York) – PoliceOne.com
The New York Police Department is set to deploy the first body cameras to officers around the city after resolving some of the thorniest issues on when to switch on the camera, how long to keep the tape and when to tell the public they’re being recorded. (read more)
The truth about those ‘free’ police body cameras – The Daily Dot
By now you’ve read the news, likely over and over again, that TASER International-now Axon Enterprise, Inc.-has offered to give away body cameras to every police officer in the United States, for free, along with one year of “data storage, training, and support.” The coverage was extremely positive; the New York Daily News even went so far as to shame the NYPD for declining to take the company up on its offer to provide free bodycams. (read more)
Security Industry
Tyco Security Brings Access Control to Apple Watch – Security Sales & Integration
Kantech, from Tyco Security Products, has introduced EntraPass Go Pass support for Apple Watch, allowing access card holders to use the watch to enter and exit access points without their card. (read more)
IHS: Growing Popularity of Self-Installed Intruder Alarm Systems Continues – SDM
Although still in its infancy, the global do-it-yourself (DIY) market for devices with added smart connectivity is forecast to experience a steady rate of growth at 22.3 percent annually from 2016 to 2021. While the Americas region accounts for 83 percent of the global DIY revenues as of 2016, Asia and EMEA have yet to adopt DIY systems on a wider scale. Lower costs of labor and relatively low familiarity with the benefits of connected devices, as well as interoperability issues, continue to stifle demand for DIY systems in these regions. (read more)

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