Daily Report – 3/22/17

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Google and sister company to offer cyber security to election groups – Reuters
Google and sister company Jigsaw are joining forces to defend election organizers and civic groups against cyber attacks free of charge as the broader tech industry seeks to fend off criticism that it is not doing enough to stop online efforts to distort elections. (read more)
What security experts are saying about airline electronics ban – CNN Money
American and British authorities say they are trying to keep passengers safe by banning laptops and tablets from airplane cabins on some flights from the Middle East. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Legislation would give arrest powers to security guards at Dearborn’s Fairlane Mall (Dearborn, Mich.) – WXYZ.com
Legislation introduced recently in Lansing would give security guards at Dearborn’s Fairlane Mall the authority to make arrests. (read more)
Highly detailed security footage shows route taken by suspected Tom Brady jersey thief – Business Insider
Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl 51 jersey has been found, thanks to a joint investigation by NFL security, the Houston Police Department, and the FBI. (read more)
Border searches can pry into personal technology – SecurityInfoWatch
In a small community center tucked away at the back of a business park in Hayward, dozens of men and women sat fidgeting with their phones. (read more)
You Paid For It: Anti-sex cams for Clearwater fire stations (Clearwater, Fla.)  – WFLA.com
After several steamy scandals over the past few years, the City of Clearwater is finally putting its government foot down when it comes to hanky-panky in the firehouse. (read more)
Nashville Has Added Surveillance Cameras, But That May Slow With Council Oversight (Nashville) – Nashville Public Radio
Nashville authorities – especially the police and those overseeing public housing – have steadily increased the use of surveillance cameras to monitor for crime, or try to deter it. (read more)
Program Providing Funds for Crime-Deterring Surveillance Cameras is Expanding (Milwaukee) – CBS58.com
A program aimed at fighting crime with surveillance cameras and extra lighting is expanding. (read more)
Campus Security
Ross students develop school security app – Journal-News
Sometimes the best experts on keeping students safe at school are students. (read more)
Christie’s budget wipes out security aid for N.J. parochial schools (New Jersey) – NJ.com
Last fall, Gov. Chris Christie said parents who send their children to a parochial or private school should have no reason to be concerned about their safety. (read more)
Bill would allow guns in private religious schools (Florida)  – NBC-2.com
A new bill in the Florida legislature could arm teachers with guns in private religious schools. (read more)
Md. police chief: School security in place, but still limitations (Montgomery County, Md.)  – WTOP.com
At Rockville High School, where a 14-year-old girl was raped on March 16, there are five security staffers and a school resource officer. But that doesn’t guarantee safety for all students, Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger said. (read more)
Transportation Security
Metrolink Shooting Raises Questions of Increased Security (St. Louis, Mo.) – CBS St. Louis
Metrolink riders are beginning to grow wary. An innocent bystander at the Busch Stadium Metrolink platform was shot in the head from a gun fired inside a train and hospitalized in critical condition.  (read more)
Trump’s budget calls for higher passenger security fees, privatized air traffic control system – SecurityInfoWatch
The first budget proposal by the Trump administration calls for big changes to the way Americans fly, including a plan to privatize the air traffic control system and raise passenger security fees. (read more)
China’s Public Restrooms Get Facial Recognition Software (China) – Travel Pulse
Remember the good old days, when using a public restroom in a foreign country meant forking over a few coins to a happy attendant, who in return would hand you a few sheets of toilet paper? (read more)
Worship Security
Can a church in Alabama form their own police force? (Birmingham, Ala.) – Hot Air
Here’s a ticklish question for you. A Presbyterian Church in Alabama with thousands of members has asked to be allowed to form (and pay for) their own police force on their property. This has the ACLU up in arms, which was no doubt predictable, and lawsuits are sure to follow, but can they do this? (NBC News). (read more)
Jewish officials ask lawmakers for security funding in wake of threats (Minnesota) – TwinCities.com
Reacting to a slew of reported bomb threats against synagogues and Jewish institutions nationwide, members of the several Minnesota Jewish organizations asked legislators to approve funding for security at their “soft-target” institutions. (read more)
Body Worn Cameras
Port Angeles police consider body cameras (Port Angeles, Wash.) – Peninsula Daily News
The Port Angeles Police Department is exploring using body cameras, though state public records laws remain an obstacle for the effort, said Chief Brian Smith. (read more)
Security Industry
Bullet, Blast Protective Tech Integrated Into Public Space Seating – Homeland Security Today
A new line of bullet- and blast-resistant furniture designed to shield travelers in the event of an act of violence in public spaces was announced by Arconas, a designer and manufacturer of furniture for airports and public spaces, which has teamed with Amulet Ballistic to seamlessly integrate Amulet’s bullet-absorbing technology into airport seating. (read more)
New mindset needed for approaching the ISC West show floor – SecurityInfoWatch
There are many new technologies arriving at ISC West 2017, plus hundreds of product upgrades. (read more)

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