Daily Report – 3/6/17

Top Stories
Why Canada won’t tighten border security despite an uptick in illegal immigration – The Christian Science Monitor
Despite an uptick in illegal immigration in recent months, Canada won’t be tightening its border security anytime soon. (read more)
Trump’s Mar-a-Lago tested amid stiffening security (Palm Beach, Fla.) – Politico
Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago is having trouble transforming from a ritzy hangout for millionaires and billionaires into a more rigid enclave with new security measures to protect the president from prying eyes and more significant threats. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
State offers security improvement grants to Ohio nonprofits (Ohio) – WTOL.com
The state is offering grants to Ohio nonprofit organizations to help them with security improvements to prevent or prepare for acts of terrorism. (read more)
Bipartisan Bill Introduced to Give Cybersecurity Grants to State, Local Governments – Security Magazine
Bipartisan lawmakers in both chambers have proposed local, state and tribal grants to boost cybersecurity. (read more)
Campus Security
Oakmont to install $44K security camera system (Roseville, Calif.) – Roseville & Granite Bay Press Tribune
Board members at Roseville Joint Union High School District voted unanimously on Feb. 14 to install a 16-camera security system at Oakmont High School. Though the district already has a mobile police-run security camera at Antelope High School, Oakmont High will serve as a pilot school for increased security, according to district spokeswoman Shannon Blockton. Cameras will be installed around the school’s perimeter and in indoor high-traffic areas by the end of this month. (read more)
Emergency phones bring old-fashioned security to OSU campus (Stillwater, Okla.) – Ocolly.com
Emergency phones dotting the Oklahoma State University campus are analog phone lines, making them comparable to dinosaurs in this digital age. (read more)
Teachers Are Fighting to Block Guns in Schools – Care2.com
Ever since Betsy DeVos suggested the importance of guns in schools, albeit in case of a grizzly bear attack, pro-gun groups have been continuing their push to get rid of gun-free zones at schools and colleges. (read more)
Transportation Security
Americans May Need Visas to Travel to Europe – Security Magazine
Members of the European Parliament have called for the European Commission to impose visas on U.S. citizens visiting Europe amid an ongoing dispute over visa restrictions against five EU nations. (read more)
TSA Rolls out New Pat-Downs Procedures – Security Magazine
The Transportation Security Administration has started using new and more rigorous pat-downs at airports. (read more)
Robotic detection: a new approach for airport security? – Airport-Technology.com
The only thing that’s long and cumbersome about the AVATAR system is its name: Automated Virtual Agent for Truth Assessments in Real-Time. As a physical form, it’s similar to an airport check-in or shop self-checkout kiosk. (read more)
Study: Facial Recognition Tech Accuracy Deteriorates with Age of Subjects – Find Biometrics
The accuracy of facial recognition technologies decreases as a subject ages, according to new research from Michigan State University. (read more)
Hong Kong researchers develop lip reading password to foil imposters – South China Morning Post
Researchers at Hong Kong Baptist University have developed a lip reading password system they hope can be used to verify identity in such areas as customs clearance and electronic payments. (read more)
Worship Security
Atlanta mosques urged to increase security after threats (Atlanta) – WSBRadio.com
The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations on Sunday called on leaders of local mosques to improve their security measures after four local mosques were recently threatened. (read more)
Security Industry
Alarm.com responds to Honeywell lawsuit that seeks to block Icontrol merger – SecurityIntoWatch
In response to a lawsuit filed last week by Honeywell seeking to block its acquisition of Icontrol Networks’ Connect and Piper business units, Alarm.com CEO Stephen Trundle fired back in a court filing this week arguing that competition in the market will actually increase as a result of the deal rather than decrease as Honeywell contends. In the heavily redacted filing, Trundle says that Comcast, which agreed to purchase Icontrol’s “Converge” software platform in separate deal, stands poised to become a more “formidable competitor” in the space. (read more)
Gunshot Localization Solution ShotPoint Triggers VMS In Case Of Active Shooters – SourceSecurity.com
A gunshot localization solution can turn a video camera system into a real-time safety system in the event of an active shooter. Called ShotPoint, the system is completely automated. Working with a video management system (VMS), it can enable a video image of an active shooter to be provided in seconds based on the location of a gunshot. “For responders, the police department doesn’t have to manage cameras, but has the instant availability of a camera feed,” says Kathleen Griggs, President of Databuoy, which supplies ShotPoint. “All the cameras are available and cued only in an emergency.” (read more)

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