Daily Report – 2/15/17

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Patio Situation Room Raises Security Questions – Security Today
Over the weekend, North Korea launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile, its first challenge to international rules since Donald Trump was sworn in almost a month ago. (read more)
New York banks look to adopt biometrics in compliance with new cybersecurity rules – Biometric Update
New York banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions are preparing to adopt multi-factor authentication including biometrics in compliance with the new cybersecurity rules, which take effect on March 1st, according to a report by Bloomerg BNA. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
TSA and Airport Employees Allegedly Smuggled 20 Tons of Cocaine Over 18 Years – Newsweek
A dozen current and former Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and airport employees are facing charges related to an alleged cocaine-smuggling operation going back almost two decades. A federal grand jury in Puerto Rico indicted the defendants on February 8, and the U.S. Department of Justice announced the news on Monday. (read more)
Vikings, MSFA At Odds Over Security Fence Around U.S. Bank Stadium (Minneapolis) – CBS Minnesota
There is a strong difference in opinion among the organizations who operate U.S. Bank Stadium. (read more)
Energy giant AES partners with Measure to improve worker safety with drones – Tech Crunch
Major power producer AES Corp. is ramping up the use of drones with an eye toward shielding workers from industry hazards. Rather than buy all their own unmanned aerial systems, they’ve engaged D.C.-based drone services provider Measure to get access to a more extensive fleet. Measure recently raised $15 million in venture funding. (read more)
Trend: Americans building “doomsday bunkers” in large numbers – Homeland Security News Wire
It may be a fad of the moment, or an indication of a deeper trend, but people across the United States are building and buying “doomsday bunkers” in large numbers. (read more)
Recovering from disasters: Social networks matter more than bottled water and batteries – Homeland Security News Wire
Standard advice about preparing for disasters focuses on building shelters and stockpiling things like food, water and batteries. But resilience – the ability to recover from shocks, including natural disasters — comes from our connections to others, and not from physical infrastructure or disaster kits. (read more)
Atlanta police’s high-tech cameras helping catch criminals (Atlanta) – WSBTV.com
The Atlanta Police Department has 8,000 surveillance cameras, including 130 license plate readers that monitor various parts of the metro area 24/7. (read more)
After $33K City Hall Theft, Haverhill to Add Security Cameras (Haverhill, Mass.) – WHAV.com
After the theft of $33,000 in cash in checks from the city treasurer’s office, Haverhill plans to add security cameras. (read more)
Crime in parks has cities looking to surveillance (Tupelo, Miss.) – DJournal.com
Vandalism, burglaries and even a shooting have forced Tupelo and Saltillo to look at placing security cameras in city parks. (read more)
Total police camera coverage approved for Old Town (Wichita, Kan.) – The Wichita Eagle
Nemmy Matiru says he’ll feel better about coming to work in Old Town once police have full security camera coverage of the popular – but historically crime-plagued – hipster business district. (read more)
Campus Security
Campus sex assault report gap highlights weakness of federal law (Grand Rapids, Mich.) – MLive.com
Federal crime statistics show Grand Valley State University had 25 sex assaults in 2015. Yet the on-campus Women’s Center said it worked with student victims who reported 42 sex assaults. (read more)
How to prepare for disaster when you’re studying abroad – USA Today
The opportunity to study abroad is more than just a new view outside the traditional classroom experience. From immersing themselves in another country’s culture and history, to the development of independence and a better sense of self, study abroad can be life changing. For students, it can be hard to step back and realize that despite the amazing experience, there are also risks with being a young adult abroad – especially these days. Although the threat of terrorism is highlighted in the news, there are other political and environmental risk factors that could potentially cause harm to students and turn their once-in-a-lifetime experience into an unfavorable one. (read more)
The High Cost Of Allowing Concealed Carry In KU Hospital (Kansas City, Kan.) – KCUR.org
The fight is raging on in Topeka over whether to roll back a law that would let almost anyone carry a concealed gun on a college campus or in a library or public hospital.  (read more)
$2m goes to Michigan schools for safety improvements (Michigan) – WKAR.org
More than 62,500 students will benefit from security improvements according to Michigan State Police. Twenty five public school districts, 24 non-public schools and three charter schools will receive grants to purchase equipment and technology. (read more)
Senate OKs Senator’s Bill To Keep School Security Records Secret (Arkansas) – Booneville Democrat
The Senate on Thursday approved a bill that would make the identities of security personnel at public schools and colleges a secret. (read more)
Cyber Security
Simulated Ransomware Attack Shows Vulnerability of Industrial Controls – Georgia Tech Research Horizons
Cybersecurity researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a new form of ransomware that was able to take over control of a simulated water treatment plant. After gaining access, the researchers were able to command programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to shut valves, increase the amount of chlorine added to water, and display false readings. (read more)
Survey shows utilities’ cybersecurity not keeping up with technology – Yahoo! Finance
An overwhelming majority (89%) of power and utility executives say their cybersecurity function does not fully meet their organization’s needs, according to the EY Global Information Security Survey 2016-17. (read more)
Home Security/Automation
Smart Home Makes Strides at CES 2017 – SecurityInfoWatch
Nearly every security-related device introduced at CES in 2017 tied into the smart home or smart business; however, when looking deeper at smart home product introductions, research firm IHS Markit saw changing business models at the massive show. “Many of the top smart home service providers have focused on manufacturing their own devices in order to create a seamless look and feel across devices,” explains IHS analyst Blake Kozak. “Although partnerships will still hold great importance, service providers are looking to build up their own device portfolio and develop proprietary back-end software and artificial intelligence (AI).” (read more)
Body Worn Cameras
Hartsville to buy more body cameras for police (Hartsville, S.C.) – SCNow.com
The Hartsville City Council approved a resolution Tuesday authorizing the city to apply for a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice to buy body cameras for police officers. (read more)
Security Industry
Stanley Security Re-Ups Support for IACLEA Educational Programs – Security Sales & Integration
The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, a leading authority for campus public safety, announced today that Stanley Security renewed its commitment to IACLEA’s educational programs in 2017 as a Premier-level Corporate Partner. (read more)
Everbridge acquires IDV Solutions – Security Systems News
Everbridge, a software company focused on critical communications and enterprise safety based here, acquired IDV Solutions in late January. (read more)

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