Daily Report – 1/20/17

Top Stories
Former DHS secretary breaks down inauguration security (Washington, D.C.) – The Washington Post
Michael Chertoff, former secretary of Homeland Security, explains inauguration security and gives some advice for those that may be attending. (watch here)
Security Officials Get High Tech in Preparation for Presidential Inauguration (Washington, D.C.) – SDM
It is less than 24 hours before Donald Trump will be sworn in as the next president of the United States, and security measures are being taken to ensure no security breaches occur in the nation’s capital. (read more)
TSA boosts security for inauguration (Washington, D.C.) – KHOU.com
Nearly 1,000 Transportation Security Administration officers will help screen visitors Friday for President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. (read more)
Global Security
A Wall Alone Can’t Secure the Border, No Matter Who Pays for It – Wired
A cornerstone of President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign has been the idea of building “a great wall” along the US-Mexico border. With his term beginning tomorrow, Trump remains adamant that construction will begin soon. But regardless of how you feel about Trump’s plans to secure the border, experts agree on at least one thing: He’s doing it wrong. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Orlando nightclubs deploy radar technology to detect weapons (Orlando) – Fox News
Some nightclubs in Orlando are looking to deploy radar-based weapons detection technology in the aftermath of last year’s deadly mass shooting at gay nightclub Pulse. (read more)
Increase in gun thefts has gun shop owners rethinking security (Birmingham, Ala.) – WVTM13.com
Gun thefts are on the rise, leading local gun shop owners to take precautions to prevent future break-ins. (read more)
Campus Security
How Video Surveillance Can Help Combat Drug Diversion – Campus Safety
As any hospital pharmacy can tell you, drug diversion is one of the biggest issues it faces on a daily basis. It’s why they’re required to comply with a host of federal, state and local regulations that govern inventory accountability. (read more)
Concealed carry deadline looms for state buildings in Kansas (Kansas) – Fox4KC.com
The metro’s largest hospital faces a looming July deadline: concealed carry guns on the premises or expensive security measures. (read more)
New security system implemented into USD 489 schools (Hays, Kan.) – The Hays Daily News
Looking for a new security system to check visitors in and out of each school in the district, Hays USD 489 found what it needed. (read more)
Transportation Security
FlyerRights: Airport security dismal – TR Weekly
FlyerRights, a group that lobbies for airline passenger rights and safety, kicked off the New Year calling for stronger measures to make US airports safer. (read more)
Montreal wants taxis to be equipped with surveillance cameras, panic buttons (Montreal) – CTV News Montreal
Montreal’s Executive Committee wants taxis in Montreal to require surveillance cameras, however there is no date set for the measure to be implemented. (read more)
TTC adds constables to bus routes as driver abuse escalates (Toronto) – Metro News
The TTC is beefing up security on buses and streetcars in the hopes riders will think twice about spitting at the driver. (read more)
Cyber Security
Cloud Security Leads List of Top 10 Hard-to-Find Tech Skills – Security Magazine
Cloud security is now the most difficult IT skill for employers to find in the job market, according to analysis of the top 10 hardest-to-find technology skills by Burning Glass Technologies. (read more)
Anti-Surveillance Infrared Reflecting Glasses Catch on With Privacy Advocates – ChicagoInno
There are roughly 27,000 private and government-owned surveillance cameras in Chicago. Not interested in Big Brother tracking your movements? A Chicago maker has created glasses, called Reflectacles Ghost, that will reflect light–both infrared and visible–making your face unrecognizable to facial recognition software used in surveillance. The project has caught on amongst privacy advocates in Chicago (which has a long history of surveillance) and beyond, even garnering a retweet from Edward Snowden. And it’s coming amidst growing conversation around privacy and surveillance worldwide. (read more)

Home Security/Automation
Alarm industry to continue to ride the wave of smart home tech – SecurityInfoWatch
According to a recent report published by IHS Markit, 80 million smart home devices were shipped worldwide in 2016, a 64 percent increase over the prior year. The Americas saw the bulk of those orders last year, as about 70 million connected home devices were shipped to the market. The region is expected to see nearly 90 million devices shipped this year alone. (read more)
Body Worn Cameras
Police Body-Cams Shut Down for Inauguration and Women’s March (Washington, D.C.) – The Daily Beast
During the presidential inauguration on Friday and during the “Women’s March on Washington” the following day, police body cameras will be off. Outrage! (read more)
Security Industry
Last Call for 2017 SAMMY Entries – Security Sales & Integration
Security Sales & Integration has extended the call for entries to the 22nd annual SAMMY Awards. As the security industry’s original sales, marketing and installation awards program, dealers and integrators are urged to show off their marketplace successes and accomplishments. (read more)

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