Daily Report – 1/6/17

Top Stories
Security concerns are rising in the age of the internet of things – CNBC
The internet of things, where ordinary physical objects become connected to the internet, will have a big impact on our home lives, but all of these connected devices could become a target for hackers and cybercriminals. (read more)
Global Security
Download this app if you want to help save lives in a terror attack – Metro
CitizenAID has been developed by military and civilian medics to teach people about how to provide potentially life-saving treatment before the arrival of emergency services in the event of an incident. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Chelsea to buy security cameras for City Hall (Chelsea, Ala.) – 280 Reporter
The city of Chelsea authorized the mayor to proceed with the purchase of security cameras for Chelsea City Hall at their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 3. (read more)
Private security cameras help Wayne police fight crime (Wayne, N.J.) – NorthJersey.com
Wayne’s neighborhood watch has grown and improved with residents’ help and new technology, police say. (read more)
Sheriff offers to have inmates build Trump’s border wall (Fall River, Mass.) – WDAM.com
A sheriff in Massachusetts formally proposed to President-elect Donald Trump that inmates should help build a wall on the Mexican border. (read more)
Trump taps private security director for White House job – Politico
President-elect Donald Trump has tapped his private security director, Keith Schiller, to be deputy assistant to the president and his director of Oval Office operations, confirming that he’ll bring at least one member of his personal security detail with him to the White House. (read more)
Campus Security
Memphis police to provide more security for Shelby County Schools (Memphis, Tenn.) – Fox13Memphis.com
After the rape of two Shelby County School students in 2016, FOX13 learned students will have more security from MPD… protecting them in the neighborhoods surrounding schools. (read more)
Artist finds brilliant way to mess with facial recognition technology – Mashable
Facial recognition technology is booming both for commercial and security purposes, from Amazon scanning faces in its grocery store to police using the software on 117 million Americans. (read more)
Home Security/Automation
ADT calls on Amazon’s Alexa to help secure the smart home – CNET
If you use ADT Pulse for your home security needs, then your setup is about to get an assist from Amazon’s Alexa. (read more)
Body Worn Cameras
Pasadena alters body camera policy after backlash from residents, activists (Pasadena, Calif.) – Pasadena Star-News
The Pasadena Police Department has updated its internal policy to allow the release of officers’ body camera footage to the public, following an outcry and a lawsuit from residents and civil rights activists. (read more)
Security Industry
Security camera saturation leaving customers ‘baffled’ – Channelnonic$
Channel partners in the physical security space are being challenged by a saturated camera market with a lack of differentiation that trending consolidation is working to address. (read more)
At CES, flying drones are Alarm.com’s home security moonshot – CNET
Alarm.com has a big, bold idea for how to smarten up your home security: camera-equipped drones capable of flying through your home to investigate unexpected activity. (read more)

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