Uber Security Head Warns Staff After Latest Tracking Controversy – Fortune

Travis Kalanick, center, CEO of Uber, reacts at a sub-forum during the World Economic Forum 2016 Summer Davos in Tianjin, China, 26 June 2016. What's a premier exponent of globalization to do after Britain's vote to exit the European Union? In the case of the World Economic Forum, arrange a panel discussion. Responses to the British referendum at the start of a three-day forum event in China on Sunday (26 June 2016) ranged from lingering shock to analytical detachment and a degree of indifference, given the heft of the Chinese economy and its limited trade with Britain. Klaus Schwab, the German economist who is the forum's founder, didn't respond to a reporter's question about the British vote. With the topic top of mind for many, a special panel titled "After the Brexit" was added Sunday morning to a program that had been weeks in the planning. Adrian Monck, a member of the forum's executive committee, set the tone, saying that as a British passport holder and possible ex-EU passport holder, he was "still coming to terms with the emotional impact of 'Brexit'."

Amid a new fuss over how its employees access sensitive user data, Uber’s top security executive sent a company-wide email to staff on Monday reminding them of their obligations when it comes to privacy. (read more)

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