Daily Report – 12/14/16

Top Stories
Uber Security Head Warns Staff After Latest Tracking Controversy – Fortune
Amid a new fuss over how its employees access sensitive user data, Uber’s top security executive sent a company-wide email to staff on Monday reminding them of their obligations when it comes to privacy. (read more)
Lakers won’t stay at Trump SoHo due to security concerns (New York) – Los Angeles Times
Citing security concerns, the Lakers changed plans and decided not to stay at a Donald Trump-branded hotel in New York City on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for their game Wednesday against the Brooklyn Nets, a team spokesperson said. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Protecting Our Water Supply – Environmental Protection
Maintaining the security of our nation’s water supplies is serious business. Attacks from a lone vandal to a team of foreign terrorists could, within hours, result in widespread illness or economic disruption. (read more)
Report questions security of Chicago surveillance camera network (Chicago) – Chicago Sun Times
Chicago has spent nearly $140 million over the last decade to build a Big Brother network of 2,700 public safety surveillance cameras but has not taken steps either to limit access to authorized personnel or ensure that the system is properly maintained, the inspector general concluded Tuesday. (read more)
Canada pre-clearance legislation passes House – SecurityInfoWatch
The House of Representatives passed legislation Wednesday to help expedite travel between the United States and Canada. (read more)
Game platform to help in preparing for strategic surprise – Homeland Security News Wire
National security challenges today are increasingly complex and multi-dimensional, demanding technological solutions that reflect the combined expertise of a broad diversity of professionals. But even when such experts are available and engaged, progress towards an integrated solution can be slowed by the lack of a versatile, domain-agnostic, collaborative platform, where innovation can happen not just despite but because of the disparate mix of participants’ perspectives and experiences. (read more)
Gun stores urged to tighten security (Tampa, Fla.) – WTSP.com
Two teenaged boys are accused of very adult crimes. They were arrested in Polk county for stealing a car and leading deputies on a chase. But police say those same teens shot a young mother in the face last week while she was sitting in her car. Her five-year-old daughter was with her. (read more)
Sausalito to get crime-fighting license cameras (Sausalito, Calif.) – Marinij.com
Sausalito will be the latest Marin city to employ license plate surveillance cameras as a way to fight crime. (read more)
Campus Security
Newest members of many college police departments: Bomb dogs (Providence, R.I.) – The Telegraph
More colleges are getting bomb-sniffing dogs in a time of always-looming security threats, with two in New England among the latest. (read more)
Transportation Security
LA bomb threat highlights vulnerabilities of rail systems to attack (Los Angeles) – SecurityInfoWatch
Spain’s deadliest terror attack occurred when shrapnel-filled bombs went off on four commuter trains in Madrid on March 11, 2004. (read more)
TSA to Notify Travelers of Upcoming 2018 REAL ID Airport Enforcement – Security Today
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will begin posting signs at airports this week notifying travelers that beginning January 2018 it will start enforcing REAL ID requirements at airport security checkpoints, meaning that travelers seeking to use their state-issued driver’s license or identification cardfor boarding commercial aircraft may only use such documents if they are issued by a REAL ID compliant state or a non-compliant state with an extension. (read more)

Cyber Security
Why SOC Managers are Overwhelmed by Alerts – Security Magazine
According to an Intel Security survey, Security Operations Center operators acknowledge an inability to keep up with cybersecurity alerts or triage relevant events for investigation. (read more)
Cybersecurity’s next phase: Cyber-deterrence – Homeland Security News Wire
Cyberattackers pose many threats to a wide range of targets. Russia, for example, was accused of hacking Democratic Party computers throughout the year, interfering with the U.S. presidential election. Then there was the unknown attacker who, on a single October day, used thousands of internet-connected devices, such as digital video recorders and cameras compromised by Mirai malware, to take down several high-profile websites, including Twitter. (read more)

NEC trials cashless payment services using face recognition – CSO
Japan’s NEC has announced that it is conducting trials for cashless payment services utilizing NEC facial recognition technology in cooperation with Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group. (read more)
China Uses Iris Recognition Technology to Find Missing Children – Yibada
Chinese authorities have turned to the latest in iris recognition technology to deal with the menace of child trafficking. (read more)
Healthcare Biometrics Market To Gather Steam Amidst Security Breaches And Medical Thefts – MedGadget
The prominent factors which fuel the global healthcare biometrics market are the growing demand for practical alternatives to passwords, the pressing need for bringing down the incidence of healthcare frauds, and the financial benefits offered by healthcare biometrics. Biometrics devices capture certain physical features of users for future reference for the purpose of identification. A typical biometric devices is composed of the following: software for converting the scanned data into a digital format, a reader or a scanning device, and a database which stores the relevant biometric information for the purpose of comparison with the biometric data that has already been entered. (read more)

Home Security/Automation
Consumers and Realtors Show Greater Interest in Smart Home Technologies, Certifications – National Association of Relators
As smart homes become more popular among consumers, buyers and sellers are showing greater interest in those homes and smart-home technologies and Realtors® in a certification to acknowledge their experience and expertise in those features. (read more)
Retail Security
Many merchant systems still lack basic security – Payments Source
What could a Point of Sale (POS) security breach cost your business? Factoring in the cost of an investigation, legal fees, potential fines and lawsuits, damage to a reputation, and a likely decrease in customer loyalty, your business could be out millions of dollars. (read more)
Lenox Square, Phipps Plaza get major security upgrades (Atlanta) – Fox5Atlanta.com
Shoppers aren’t the only ones spending big cash this holiday season. FOX 5 News has learned two local malls have shelled out tens of thousands of dollars to keep shoppers safe. They have invested all that money in a special security feature designed to identify bad guys before they even have a chance to do bad things. (read more)

Worship Security
Thieves target churches in Grant, Rapides Parishes (Louisiana) – The Message
The Christmas season is not all cheer for some Louisiana Baptist churches after being victimized by burglars in the past two weeks. (read more)
Body Worn Cameras
Greeley Police Chief Jerry Garner recommends against body-worn cameras – for now (Greeley, Colo.) – The Tribune
Greeley city officials have spoken: Now is not the time for police body cameras. (read more)
Freeze frame: Body cameras on horizon for Dixon police? (Dixon, Ill.) – SaukValley.com
Body cameras are on the police department’s wish list for next year, but the project is in a standoff with state legislation. (read more)

Security Industry
SIA opens submissions for ISC West New Product Showcase – Security Systems News
SIA is now accepting submissions for the SIA New Product Showcase at ISC West 2017.  (read more)

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