Daily Report – 12/9/16

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School Shootings Less Likely In States With Background Checks For Guns And Ammunition – Forbes
In another week, it will be the fourth anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, an incident seared into the minds of parents across the U.S. who cannot forget that 20 first-graders were gunned down in what should be a safe space for learning. Now a new study looks at what state-level factors might play a role in the likelihood of such incidents at other schools, colleges and universities. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Building inspectors had not been inside Oakland warehouse in 30 years, officials say (Oakland, Calif.) – SecurityInfoWatch
Oakland officials revealed Thursday that no building code enforcement inspector has been inside the warehouse where 36 people died in at least 30 years, raising new questions about government oversight of the property. (read more)
Police Spy Tools Evolve Faster Than Lawmakers Can Keep Up (Baltimore) – Bloomberg
In late October, a group of Maryland legislators met with police officials, attorneys, privacy advocates, and policy analysts to discuss creating a legal framework to govern aerial surveillance programs such as the one the Baltimore Police Department had been using to track vehicles and individuals through the city since January.(read more)
Sacramento police unveil high-tech Real Time Crime Center (Sacramento) – ABC10.com
The Sacramento Police Department unveiled its new state-of-the-art Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) at a press conference Wednesday. (read more)
Madison businesses must have security cameras or face consequences (Madison, Miss.) – WAPT.com
Madison businesses will soon be required to install and maintain security cameras or face consequences, the Madison County Journal reported. (read more)
Georgia official accuses Department of Homeland Security of hacking attempt on state election systems (Georgia) – NY Daily News
The state of Georgia on Thursday accused the U.S. Homeland Security Department of apparently trying to hack its election systems. (read more)
Campus Security
School Bus Safety Measures Announced After Deadly Tenn. Crash (Chattanooga, Tenn.) – Campus Safety
New safety measures were announced by the school bus company involved in the tragic accident in Chattanooga, Tennessee that left five students dead last month. (read more)
Oklahoma lawmaker wants armed officers in private schools (Oklahoma) – Education Week
An Oklahoma lawmaker wants to slash the costs of obtaining and renewing handgun permits, place armed police officers in private schools and allow the governor and top elected officials to carry guns. (read more)
Safety, security a priority for local school divisions (Black Diamond, Canada) – HighriverTimes.com
While local schools deploy a variety of security features to keep students, staff and facilities safe from malfeasant activity, division administrators state area schools continue to be safe and secure. (read more)
Transportation Security
The Airport Of The Future: Fast Molecular Security Scanners, Virtual Assistants And Biometric Tickets Eliminates Queues By 2040 – Travelers Today
Jetting off on holidays is the most rewarding activity to end the year. But for most holiday travelers, a crowded airport with long queues and delays is often one of the most annoying places in the world. The thrill of travelling to a relaxing, beautiful place can usually be dampened by a frustrating airport experience. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, a state-of-the-art and pleasant international airport will unfold in 2040. The airport of the future features everything from biometric plane tickets and automated check-in desks to speedy molecular body scanners and virtual assistants at security checkpoints, Mirror reported. (read more)
NJ Transit rail riders screened for explosives (New Jersey) – NJ1015.com
Technology used to search for explosives during the 2014 Super Bowl is now being used by New Jersey Transit. (read more)

Body Worn Cameras

Body cameras eyed by school district police departments in Texas (Stafford, Texas) – SecurityInfoWatch
Fort Bend ISD’s police department is now among a small but growing number of school-related law enforcement agencies to employ body cameras — a relatively new technology that records officers’ interactions with the public. (read more)
Some Elgin officers will start wearing body cameras in February (Elgin, Ill.) – Daily Herald
A first group of 30 to 35 patrol officers in Elgin will begin wearing body cameras by February, and the entire 182-member police department — all the way up to the chief — will be outfitted by the end of 2017, officials said. (read more)
Probation officers to wear body cameras (Chicago) – Chicago Tribune
The Cook County probation department for the first time plans to equip some if its officers with body cameras, a move that follows allegations that rogue officers had planted drugs, stolen money and violated the civil rights of probationers during home curfew checks. (read more)
Hillsboro police chief hopes city council will support body-worn cameras, school resource officer (Hillsboro, Ohio) – The Highland County Press
The Hillsboro Police Department applied for, and received, a grant from the Department of Justice, through the Bureau of Justice Assistance, in 2014 to implement body-worn cameras (BWCs). The matching grant requires the police department to pay for 50 percent of the project. (read more)
Plans for body-worn cameras come into focus for Riverside police (Riverside, Calif.) – The Press Enterprise
The Riverside Police Department will not be among the first law enforcement agencies to equip its officers with uniform-worn video cameras, but officials said they hope the department will benefit from the experiences of the earliest adopters. (read more)

Security Industry
Tyco Security Launches Shooter Detection System Integration – Security Sales & Integration
Tyco Security Products announced that Software House C*CURE 9000 now integrates with Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System by Shooter Detection Systems. (read more)
Boon Edam to Expand Product Training Programs and Locations in 2017 – Security Sales & Integration
Boon Edam has announced it will continue to expand the resources devoted to its growing schedule of training programs. (read more)

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