Daily Report – 11/28/16

Top Stories
Extreme-right terrorism threat growing: U.K. police – Homeland Security News Wire
Neil Basu, deputy assistant commissioner to the U.K. national coordinator for counter-terrorism policing, has said police fear the threat of far-right violence is growing and poses a similar danger to communities as other forms of extremism. “Over the past twelve months, there have been indications that the threat from [the] extreme right wing could be increasing and we are alive to this,” he said. Figures release by the police show that concerns over potential extreme rightwing radicalization led to a 73.5 percent increase in referrals to the counter-radicalization program Prevent last year, compared with the previous twelve months. (read more)

Global Security

Number of Americans kidnapped, killed in Mexico increases (Mexico) – Homeland Security News Wire
The number of U.S. citizens kidnapped in Mexico each year is uncertain due to false reporting and underreporting, but in 2014 the FBI investigated at least 199 kidnappings of U.S. citizens in Mexico, a substantial increase from twenty-six kidnappings in 2006. The number of U.S. citizens reported to the Department of State as murdered in Mexico was 100 in 2014 and 103 in 2015.For the family of Norma Magallanes Benitez, a U.S. citizen who was kidnapped on 21 October 2016 while visiting her family ranch in the municipality of Luvianos, Mexico State, these figures are not dry statistics. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Border Security Push Yields Bumper Crop of Traffic Tickets (Texas) – ABC News
A new border security approach promoted by the Texas Department of Public Safety has yielded at least one result: a bumper crop of traffic tickets. (read more)
Pentagon: Troops can apply to carry private firearms for ‘personal protection’ (Washington, D.C.) – SecurityInfoWatch
The Pentagon has cleared the way for servicemembers to carry privately owned firearms on Defense Department property, reversing a longstanding rule that barred personal weapons from its facilities. (read more)
No body cameras for cops; more surveillance cameras for transit (Winnipeg, Canada) – CBC News
You’ve heard about the property-tax hike. You know Portage & Main won’t be reopened. Here are five other plans embedded in Winnipeg’s $1.08-billion spending plan for next year, also known as the the 2017 budget: (read more)
Campus Security
Program providing OKC elementary school security faces elimination (Oklahoma City, Oka.) – SecurityInfoWatch
A 2-year-old program to staff elementary schools in the Oklahoma City district with police officers is facing elimination. (read more)
Penn State Accepts Record $2.4 Million Clery Act Fine (State College, Pa.) – StateCollege.com
Penn State will not appeal the record $2.4 million fine levied by the Department of Education for violations of the Clery Act, university President Eric Barron announced Friday. (read more)
Temple beefs up security with ‘high-tech upgrades’ (Philadelphia) – Philly Voice
Temple University believes new upgrades will give its on-campus security officers a helping hand in keeping the school community safe. (read more)
Thousands of keys missing at SFU’s Burnaby campus (Burnaby, Canada) – Burnabynow.com
Thousands of keys to thousands of doors at Simon Fraser University’s Burnaby Mountain campus are missing, according to an internal campus safety and security review. (read more)
California’s new healthcare workplace violence rule the strongest in nation (California) – Fierce Healthcare
A new rule in California will require hospitals and other health facilities to protect employees from abuse with violence prevention protocols–and the regulation is a model that could spread to other states. (read more)
Transportation Security
Cuomo announces JFK security reforms (New York) – Times Ledger
Security protocols at John F. Kennedy International Airport will undergo a number of reforms in the aftermath of a false report of an active shooter on Aug. 14 that caused the frenzied evacuation of several terminals, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday. (read more)

Cyber Security
San Francisco’s Muni transit system reportedly hit by ransomware (San Francisco) – InfoWorld
San Francisco’s Muni transit system was reportedly hit by ransomware since Friday, leading to the message “You Hacked, ALL Data Encrypted” being displayed on the computer screens at stations, according to newspaper reports. (read more)
Home Security/Automation
A new high-tech way to catch a burglar – ETCIO.com
It’s burglar catnip: a large, unoccupied home late at night, with iPads and laptops strewn temptingly around. Sure enough, one man did break in-exactly as the police had planned. Arrested, he protested his innocence, at least until law enforcement shined a black light in his direction and he glowed like a neon-yellow beacon. The bait he’d lifted was boobytrapped. Motion-activated sensors, triggered as he entered, also sprayed an invisible, UV-detectable mist onto his clothes and skin that was water resistant enough to survive for weeks. It contained markers unique to the location, which allowed police forensics to place him decisively at the scene (the electronic gadgets he’d taken were also dabbed with the same solution). His subsequent conviction was seamless. (read more)

Worship Security

Group Calls For Stepped Up Security After 2 Mosques Receive Anti-Muslim Letters (Los Angeles) – CBS Los Angeles
A civil liberties and advocacy group called for beefed up security Saturday at California mosques after it says an anti-Muslim letter was sent to two Islamic centers. (read more)
Security Industry
Z-Wave Alliance Mandates New Security Requirements for IoT Devices – Security Sales & Integration
The Z-Wave Alliance, an open consortium of leading global companies deploying the Z-Wave smart home standard, announced the addition of a security requirement to its long-standing interoperability certification. (read more)
PSA Founding Member Dies at 103 – SDM
PSA announced November 22 that Paul Marcus, founding member of PSA Security Network and considered to be one of the founding fathers in the physical security system integration industry, died at 103 years old. (read more)

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