Daily Report -11/7/16

Top Stories
France plans security measures to reassure Asian tourists: paper (France) – Reuters
France plans to bring in more police units and surveillance cameras to reassure Asian tourists put off by robberies and militant attacks and avoid a sharp drop in visitor numbers, daily newspaper Le Figaro said on Sunday. (read more)
The Risk to Civil Liberties of Fighting Crime With Big Data – The New York Times
People talk about online security as a cat-and-mouse game of good guys and bad guys. It’s true for good old-fashioned crime, too. (read more)
U.S. Violence Rates Flat Last Year – Security Magazine
Violent crime levels did not rise last year in the United States, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), which is administered by the Justice Department. The survey found last year’s violent crime rate was 18.6 victimizations per 1,000 people age 12 or older, lower than the 79.8 per 1,000 rate of the modern-day high point of crime in the nation in 1993. (read more)
Tech Times | Say Goodbye To The Fingerprint – It’s Your Digital Footprint The FBI Wants – The Gleaner
The era of the fingerprint has given way to the digital footprint. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Security forces rush Trump off stage during Reno speech (Reno, Nev.) – Reno Gazette-Journal
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was rushed offstage during a visit to Reno after a man holding a sign was mistakenly thought to possibly have a weapon. (read more)
Tensing trial brings unprecedented security (Cincinnati) – Cincinnati.com
Hamilton County Judge Charles Kubicki has been on the bench for 13 years and he’s never seen security as tight as it is this week at the courthouse – nor the fifth floor as quiet. (read more)
New push for network of private cameras in DC (Washington, D.C.) – WUSA9.com
D.C. officials are pushing to get people who live and work in the city to buy security cameras and then register them with police. (read more)
Campus Security
School safety patrol officers going mobile; Little Rock elementaries trim funds with rotating security unit (Little Rock, Ark.) – Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette
The Little Rock School District was a bit of an oddity when it came to elementary school security — for every school, one security officer. (read more)
Transportation Security
Removing your laptop and liquids at airport security may soon be a thing of the past – The Next Web
Going through airport security is never fun, but soon it’ll be a little less stressful. (read more)

Cyber Security
The Long And Winding Road Ahead For IOT Security – Nextgov
Most of the time when I write this column, I can explain how events and trends are not actually as bad as they seem, which I recently did in my examination of the nation’s voting technology, or when I concluded the government’s 256-bit encryption can hold out against quantum computing for at least a few more years. (read more)
Consumer demand for banks to adopt iris scanning technology almost doubles in two years – Intelligent Environments
Demand for different types of biometric authentication has risen significantly since 2014, with iris scanning moving ahead of fingerprint technology to the top of Intelligent Environments’ 2016 Future Password Index (FPI). The second iteration of the FPI revealed that 60% of consumers would consider using iris scanning technology in 2016 compared to just 33% two years ago. The latest FPI also highlights that other technologies, such as facial recognition, heartbeat monitors and voice verification have also increased in popularity. (read more)

Home Security/Automation
Home security systems, worth the cost? – Q13Fox.com
Every 13 seconds a home burglary happens in the United States. Thieves prefer easy access, through unlocked doors or windows. On average, burglars are in and out in less than 12 minutes! (read more)
Startup Wants to Make Drones the Next Form of Home Security – Security Sales & Integration
Sunflower Labs, a startup based in Silicon Valley and Zurich, Switzerland, has announced a new security system that detects possible threats and investigates them with a drone. (read more)

Utility Security
Above the lines: Addressing grid security in the press – CSO
The utility industry is bombarded by negative press about the security nature of the electric grid. It seems we read a new story about “what is going wrong” with utilities weekly and on a regular basis. We have heard the constant drum beat of “hackers are in the grid” or “industry doesn’t take security threats seriously enough”, but rarely does industry receive due credit for the positive steps it has taken to secure electric systems and infrastructure. Today more than ever, industry is acutely aware of the microscope placed on it and the importance of electricity to the American way of life. (read more)

Body Worn Cameras
Law enforcement weighs pros, cons of body cameras (Michigan) – Central Michigan Life
Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main said his department is considering equipping deputies with body cameras during patrol. (read more)

Security Industry
ONVIF hosts 2016 annual member webinar – SecurityInfoWatch
ONVIF, the leading global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products, hosted its annual membership meeting on October 25, updating members on ONVIF’s accomplishments of 2016 and its outlook for the year ahead. ONVIF member companies heard presentations on the final release of Profile Q in 2016 and the ongoing development of Profile T for video, in addition to learning about the growing prevalence of ONVIF’s more than 7,000 conformant models of products in bid and specification processes in projects around the world. (read more)

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