Navy to test crowd-sourcing safety app in Hampton Roads, Spain – Navy Times

Aboard the USS Kauffman (July 10, 2015) Logistics Specialist 3rd Class (SW) Eliot Brun [cq] checks his cell phone for the last time whileleaning on the barrel of the guided-missile frigate KauffmanÕs 76mm rapid fire gun on Friday, July 10. The ship was just underway, enroute from Naval Station, Mayport, Fla. to itÕs homeport of Norfolk, Va. The ship, the final U.S. Navy Perry-class frigate to ever be underway was on the last leg of a six month deployment to Central and South America. Kauffman will decommission at the end of September .

Fleet Forces Command is testing a popular phone application used by many universities, corporations and businesses to report potential security and safety issues directly to those who can provide assistance.  (read more)

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