Daily Report – 11/2/16

Top Stories
Court: RNC must detail ‘ballot security’ efforts – USA Today
The Republican National Committee must explain by Wednesday any agreements it has made with Donald Trump’s campaign in an attempt to ensure “ballot security,” a federal judge has ruled. (read more)
46 states have sought Homeland Security’s help to secure voting machines, data – UPI
The Department of Homeland Security is providing security assistance to 46 states and 35 counties and local election agencies in the run-up to next week’s election, according to media reports. (read more)
Suspect in custody in Iowa police shooting (Des Moines, Iowa) – The Des Moines Register
The suspect in the shooting deaths of two central Iowa police officers has been taken into custody, according to Urbandale police spokesman Sgt. Chad Underwood. (read more)

Federal, State and Municipal Security
NYPD beefs up security in case of trouble at marathon, election (New York) – Newsday
With the marathon this weekend and at least one presidential candidate planning to be in New York on Election Day, the city is beefing up security, officials said Tuesday. (read more)
Man wins nearly $3.6M verdict after background-check goofs (Gainesville, Fla.) – SecurityInfoWatch
A Chiefland man denied jobs after a worldwide background check company twice misidentified him as a criminal — with the same birthdate and a similar name — won a nearly $3.6 million verdict against the company in federal court Friday. (read more)
Memphis police prepare to roll out new surveillance program (Memphis, Tenn.) – SecurityInfoWatch
Memphis police will reveal Tuesday where the city will put 70 new surveillance cameras as part of the council-driven Neighborhood Sentinel Program. (read more)
Target 11: Former city employee may have ignored alerts regarding broken surveillance cameras (Pittsburgh) –WPXI.com
The former city employee in charge of surveillance cameras around Pittsburgh allegedly shut down the email alerts notifying her of broken cameras, a source close to the investigation told Target 11. (read more)
Modesto to add 28 cameras around city to help curb taggers (Modesto, Calif.) – KCRA.com
In an effort to prevent graffiti and vandalism in Modesto, city leaders voted Tuesday to add 28 surveillance cameras at various high visibility targets. (read more)
New Cameras, School Programs to Prevent Crime in Jewish Neighborhoods (Brooklyn, N.Y.) – JP Updates
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams appeared Tuesday at the NYPD 90th Precinct in Williamsburg to announce over $500,000 in new investments to advance public safety and community-police relations. (read more)
Campus Security
Study: Sharp Increase in School Bomb Threats – Security Sales & Integration
A new study found that the number of bomb threats at U.S. schools doubled between the 2012-2013 and 2015-2016 school years. (read more)
Parking lot security becomes a campus concern (Baldwin City, Kan.) – The Baker Orange
Stolen cars, slashed tires and break-ins have been topics of discussion on campus this semester. Campus security officers are encouraging students to lock their cars and park in safe, well-protected areas. (read more)
More racist graffiti shakes up a college (Ypsilanti, Mich.) – The Washington Post
Racist graffiti targeting black people was found spray-painted on the outside of a classroom building Monday morning at Eastern Michigan University, a school that has already had protests after slurs were found on campus in September. (read more)
CHC to beef up emergency room security (Coldwater, Mich.) – WTVBAM.com
The Community Health Center of Branch County is taking steps to improve security in the emergency room reception area. Health Center President and Chief Executive Officer Randy DeGroot told the hospital board of trustees Monday night that they are pricing out nearly 48 items that an architectural firm has developed. (read more)
9 Investigates Orange County school district security plans (Orange County, Fla.) – WFTV.com
Orange County Public School leaders recently chose a company to add thousands of security cameras to local schools. Eyewitness News first reported on the plans in September. (read more)
Transportation Security
Inspector general recommends better oversight of airport badges – MyAJC.com
A new report said airports don’t always account for employee badges properly, creating a risk that unauthorized people could gain access to off-limits areas. (read more)
DFW Airport to spend $3.5 million to enhance TSA screening (Dallas, Texas) – Star-Telegram
Dallas/Fort Worth Airport plans to spend up to $3.5 million on ten automated screening machines designed to speed up TSA lines for passengers. (read more)

Cyber Security
Unencrypted pagers a security risk for hospitals, power plants – CSO
For most of us, pagers went out when cell phones came in, but some companies are still using them and when the messages are sent without encryption, attackers can listen in and even interfere with the communications. (read more)


Home Security/Automation

Burglars Tell How They Break Into Homes and What Security Measures Deter Them – Security Sales & Integration
More than 85 burglars incarcerated in the Oregon Department of Corrections were surveyed by an investigative news team to learn about their methods for breaking into homes and what deterred them most from carrying out a heist. (read more)
Cargo Security
Preventing cargo, truck theft is a mutli-layered attack – CCJDigital.com
The International Cargo Security Council estimates that more than $10 billion in merchandise is stolen or damaged each year, but when you factor in productivity losses and higher insurance premiums the annual cost soars to upwards of $60 billion. (read more)

Body Worn Cameras
Opelika police plans use of body cameras (Opelika, Ala.) – OANOW.com
The Opelika Police Department plans to equip its officers with body cameras after the city council passed a resolution Tuesday for the purchase of the devices. (read more)

Security Industry
ADS acquires Branham Security – Security Systems News
Continuing a record-setting year for acquisitions, ADS Security recently acquired 1,100 accounts from Branham Security, based in Elgin, S.C., about 20 miles outside of Columbia. (read more)

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