Daily Report – 10/28/16

Top Stories
New Scanners and Conveyors Could Make Airline Security Faster and Safer – Bloomberg
The plastic explosive was molded into a thin sheet and hidden inside a laptop, the kind of hard-to-detect bomb that keeps airport security chiefs awake at night. (read more)
Booz Allen reviewing security after arrest of NSA contractor – Reuters
Booz Allen Hamilton said on Thursday it had hired a former FBI chief to conduct an external review of its security practices, after the consulting firm learned for the second time in three years that an employee working under contract with the National Security Agency had been charged with stealing classified information. (read more)
Drone detection tech used to protect presidential debate – SecurityInfoWatch
While security incidents involving the use of drones have been well-documented in recent years, from numerous close encounters with commercial airliners to radioactive sand being flown onto the roof of the Japanese prime minister’s home, many have considered the threats posed by these unmanned aerial vehicles to be minimal. However, some of the worse-case scenarios previously discussed in hypothetical terms by experts have now started to come to fruition. (read more)
Chicago Cubs World Series: Wrigleyville Security, Street Closures, Parking, Transit (Chicago) –ABC7Chicago.com
Unprecedented crowds are expected in Wrigleyville throughout the Cubs’ historic World Series against the Cleveland Indians, whether they’re playing away or at home. Here are a few guidelines to keep fans safe and secure during the celebration. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Disney parks tighten security, add more metal detector checks (Orange County, Fla.) – WFTV.com
Eyewitness News has recently reported on the arrests of two people who are accused of trying to bring guns into Disney Parks. (read more)
Where Does Fraud Happen Most in the U.S.? – Security Magazine
Delaware and Florida are home to the highest rates of attempted credit card fraud, while Alaskans are the most likely to have their card details used fraudsters, according to a new report. (read more)
Legacy Of Cybersecurity Apathy Plays Into Mirai Botnet Attack – SourceSecurity.com
A big cyberattack on Friday impacted Internet service on the East Coast of the United States and kept several high-profile websites offline. Cyber security attacks later in the day were more global in nature. But Oct. 21, 2016, will also be remembered as the day our physical security industry’s legacy of apathy toward cybersecurity came back to haunt us. (read more)
Why cops in this town have 136 cameras watching the public (VIDEO) (Gloucester Township, N.J.) – NJ.com
A young girl goes down a slide, gets up and runs across a playground. Across town, a guy in his girlfriend’s SUV does donuts in a parking lot, causing a considerable amount of damage in the process. (read more)
Sacramento police add more surveillance cameras at intersections (Sacramento) – KCRA.com
The Sacramento Police Department has added 10 new cameras to its fleet of police observational devices, or PODS — cameras mounted on light poles that record video and license plates. (read more)
Republicans to add metal detectors, gun lockers for Arizona House of Representatives (Phoenix) –AZCentral.com
The same Republican legislative leaders who pushed unsuccessfully to allow more guns on college campuses and in public buildings are now spending nearly $300,000 to keep firearms out of the Arizona House of Representatives. (read more)
Weymouth Housing Authority seeks security cameras at Lakeview Manor (Weymouth, Mass.) – Wicked Local Weymouth
Drug use increases outside the courtyards and streets in the Lakeview Manor apartment complex after Weymouth Housing Authority staff goes home after 4 p.m on weekdays, according to tenants who spoke during a planning department public hearing on Wednesday, Oct. 26. (read more)
Campus Security
Mob of Teens Attack Students, Police on Temple University Campus (Philadelphia) – Campus Safety
Temple University is increasing security after gangs of teenagers attacked students and police on and around the campus last weekend. (read more)
Hampton Roads schools get funding to upgrade security (Hampton Roads, Va.) – The Virginia-Pilot
The Virginia Department of Education awarded more than $6 million to improve security at schools. (read more)
MCPS to add card access and security cameras to schools (Missoula, Mont.) – KULR8.com
Schools across the nation continue adding security or assessing their safety procedures as these days kids are more at risk during the school period than just a scraped knee on the playground. Now, Missoula County Public School District will join the many other districts who have security vestibules as a first line of defense to control access to campuses. (read more)
SGA seeks to add blue lights and improve downtown security (Auburn, Ala.) – The Plainsman
SGA held its semi-annual Safety Walk last week to analyze the areas on and off campus in need of better lighting or safety features. (read more)
Cyber Security
Your smart home could help “bring the internet to its knees,” expert says – Tech.Mic
“I’m home! Now I will fumble for my phone in my bag, open up my Home app, find the light function, switch it on and voila! Illumination. I remember when I used to have to lift my finger and flip the switch. Ha! Losing those 10 seconds is worth feeling like I’m in the future! This is some cutting-edge shit. It’s too bad these smart lightbulbs helped take down the internet last week.” (read more)

Worship Security
Security cameras stolen from West Side church (San Antonio) – KSAT.com
After it was targeted by criminals earlier this year, a West Side church took steps to keep crime from happening again. (read more)

Security Industry
American Integrated Security Group Acquires Raving Fan Technologies – Security Sales & Integration
American Integrated Security Group (AISG), a full service security systems integrator, based here, has acquired cabling and fiber optics installation service company Raving Fan Technologies (RFT) of Tyler, Texas. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. (read more)

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