Daily Report – 10/24/16

Top Stories
After massive cyberattack, shoddy smart device security comes back to haunt – ZDNet
Friday morning saw the largest internet blackout in US history. Almost every corner of the web was affected in some way — streaming services like Spotify, social sites like Twitter and Reddit, and news sites like Wired and Vox appeared offline to vast swathes of the eastern seaboard. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
DHS Contract Spending Set to Grow – National Defense Magazine
The Department of Homeland Security is one of the few federal agencies increasing the amount of money it obligates to contractors, according to a recent report by market analysis firm Govini. (read more)
Edmonton to install underwater cameras at city pools – but are they a good idea? (Edmonton, Canada) –Global News
The City of Edmonton plans to install underwater cameras at city pools, but there is some concern over the effectiveness of this type of technology. (read more)
Security camera registries popping up in SouthCoast to aid investigations (Fairhaven, Mass.) – South Coast Today
This town has joined a movement, encouraged by Bristol County District Attorney Tom Quinn, to compile a database of working security cameras that owners are making available to the police. (read more)
Paso police will have their eyes on you with new security camera program (Paso Robles, Calif.) – The Tribune
Paso Robles soon will become the latest San Luis Obispo County city to install security cameras in parks and other public areas, an addition officials say could help curb crime. (read more)
Officials seek to allay voters’ concerns about election security – The Orange County Register
In an election one side claims is “rigged” as the other was apparently targeted by Russian hackers and Wikileaks, voters may be concerned that some entity will alter the results on Nov. 8. (read more)
Security Questioned After Defendant Slits Throat In Orange County Court (Santa Ana, Calif.) – ABC7.com
Earlier this week, a defendant in a sexual assault case managed to slit his throat with a razor blade in an Orange County courtroom after his guilty verdict was announced. (read more)
Security Upgrades At Courthouse (Garner, Iowa) – KIMT.com
A local courthouse may soon have a new security system to help ensure employees are safe while working.(read more)
Campus Security
Regents focus on campus safety, security (Iowa) – The Des Moines Register
The arrival of fall has always been a special time of year for me. We are well into another school year, with our students learning, exploring and experiencing new things, and spending time with friends and activities. (read more)
School Polling Places to Increase Security in Me. District (Auburn, Maine) – Campus Safety
A school district in Maine announced it will upgrade security measures at the school buildings that will double as polling places for the presidential election. (read more)
Transportation Security
Security issue prompts delay for American Airlines flight to Boston (Boston) – WCVB.com
An American Airlines flight destined for Boston was delayed after a security breach that left a door unlocked as the plane sat on the tarmac overnight. (read more)
Dubai buses get safer thanks to facial recognition technology (Dubai) – Time Out Dubai
If you’ve ever felt that your Dubai bus driver was too tired or distracted to be behind the wheel, there’s a new technology in the city that will no doubt put many commuters’ minds at ease. (read more)
Credit card knives capable of ‘taking over plane’ seized at airports (Australia) – Yahoo! News
A 7 News investigation found that at least 75 credit card knives have been seized at Australian airports in the past two months. (read more)

Cyber Security
As Artificial Intelligence Evolves, So Does Its Criminal Potential – The New York Times
Imagine receiving a phone call from your aging mother seeking your help because she has forgotten her banking password. (read more)
Hospital Data and Patients Are Vulnerable to ‘Dark Web’ Hackers – Seeker
Hospitals have gotten better at preventing some mistakes. Nurses now scrawl on patients skin with magic markers or affix big red sleeves to identify the right body part before surgery. Patients show ID at the pharmacy counter before getting powerful cold medicine or addictive pain-killers. (read more)

Half of All American Adults are in a Police Face Recognition Database – Security Magazine
Half of American adults – more than 117 million people – are in a law enforcement face recognition network, according to a report released today by the Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law. The study, The Perpetual Line-Up: Unregulated Police Face Recognition in America finds that one in four law enforcement agencies can access face recognition and that its use is almost completely unregulated.  (read more)

Security Industry
CTA Announces New Standards for IoT – SDM
The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced publication of two new standards: ANSI/CTA/NSF-2052.1, Definitions and Characteristics for Wearable Sleep Monitors and ANSI/CTA-2056, Physical Activity Monitoring for Fitness Wearables: Step Counting. These standards define terms and functionality for step counting wearables and sleep measuring devices. (read more)

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