Daily Report – 7/8/16

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House report: TSA misconduct threatening security of flying public – CNN
Transportation Security Administration misconduct is threatening the security of the flying public, according to a report released by the House Homeland Security committee Thursday. (read more)
After Baton Rouge Shooting, Questions Swirl Around Body Cam Failures – NBC News
As the nation tries to make sense of this week’s police shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, officers’ body cameras are once again coming under intense scrutiny. Law enforcement agencies across the country have begun equipping their officers with such devices in the wake of high profile accusations of police misconduct. The idea is that by capturing everything on camera, suspects will be protected by officers who know the video footage will hold them accountable, and officers will be protected from false accusations of misconduct, as the video might exonerate them. (read more)
Dallas Suspect Was Upset About Recent Police Shootings, ‘Wanted to Kill White People’ (Dallas) – NBC News
A suspect in the ambush of 12 Dallas police officers “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,” and was upset about recent police shootings, the city police chief said Friday. (read more)
Bill to boost airport security, ease lines gets green light – Chicago Tribune
House and Senate lawmakers announced an agreement Wednesday on an aviation bill to boost airport security, reduce screening lines and require airlines to refund fees to passengers whose bags are lost or delayed. (read more)
Global Security
Amnesty International Unveils Security App for Rio Olympics (Rio de Janeiro) – Security Magazine
Amnesty International has launched a new smartphone application to help document firearm use in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic games. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Austin Public Safety Commission weighs access to body camera footage and victims’ rights (Austin) –SecurityInfoWatch
At Tuesday’s Public Safety Commission meeting, some community members said they were pleased with the Austin Police Department’s progress in revising its body camera policy as it prepares for 500 cameras to enter the field by the end of September — but questions remain over victims’ privacy rights and who will be able to access the footage. (read more)
All-Star events begin, security plan put in place (San Diego) – The San Diego Union-Tribune
As the Major League Baseball All-Star Game and related events approach, San Diego officials say they are prepared with the year’s biggest public safety plan. (read more)
A Score of Cameras Now Surveil the Town (Laguna Beach, Calif.) – The Indy
With 75 calls flooding emergency phone lines in the first hour, callers were reporting a fire burning in the hills near the Top of the World neighborhood. (read more)
Eye in Sky expands (Sudbury, Canada) – TheSudburyStar.com
Lions Eye in the Sky celebrated its 20th birthday with cake, pizza and by welcoming a new addition to the family of downtown closed-circuit surveillance cameras. (read more)
CLE dumping vandals attack city surveillance cameras, suspect caught on video (Cleveland) – NewsNet5.com
Cleveland and Cuyahoga County are fighting illegal dumping by using a set of 6 portable surveillance cameras, but now the vandals are attacking the cameras. (read more)
City of Savannah to sell downtown property for more surveillance, police equipment (Savannah, Ga.) –Savannah Morning News
The grassy lot at Habersham Street and Oglethorpe Avenue could look a lot different a year or so from now.(read more)
Campus Security
Oak Brook’s Butler District 53 updating security cameras (Oak Brook, Ill.) – Chicago Tribune
Butler Elementary District 53 will spend about $280,000 for new security cameras. (read more)
Several Calif. School Districts Adopt Visitor Management System (Orange County, Calif.) – Campus Safety
Three school districts in Orange County, California have invested in a new visitor management system that scans visitor IDs before approving access into buildings. (read more)
3 Texas Professors Sue to Block Campus Carry Law (Austin) – Inside Higher Ed
Three professors at the University of Texas at Austin on Wednesday sued the university and the state and asked a federal judge to issue an injunction to block a campus carry law from taking effect Aug. 1, The Texas Tribune reported. The state has vowed to move ahead with the law. The suit charges that the law violates faculty members’ First and Second Amendment rights. By making professors fear that their discussions of controversial topics could incite violence, the law limits their First Amendment free expression rights, the suit says. (read more)
Grace Hospital last to lock down psychiatric ward (Winnipeg, Canada) – Winnipeg Free Press
Until Monday, Grace Hospital was the only hospital in Winnipeg that did not lock down its psychiatric ward.(read more)
Firecracker sparks security scare at San Francisco General Hospital (San Francisco) – Raw Story
Police and federal agents converged on San Francisco General Hospital on Thursday to investigate reports of possible gunshots heard coming from the building, but found only the remnants of a detonated firecracker inside, authorities said. (read more)
Transportation Security
Long airport security lines put passengers at greater risk of terrorism – Newsday
Like many responsible air travelers, Kelly Washam arrived at San Jose International Airport two hours before her scheduled departure time, but two hours later she found herself still waiting in the airport’s security line as her flight took off without her. (read more)
New fiber optics, cameras promise better surveillance at Merrill Field airport (Anchorage, Alaska) – KTUU.com
New fiber optic cables and upgraded cameras are being installed at Merrill Field to improve the security at the municipal airport. (read more)
Are U.S. Airport Security Line Troubles Under Control? – SourceSecurity.com
The reason for long lines at U.S. airports is that the airlines now charge fees for checked bags. It’s as good an explanation as any of why airport passenger screening lines suddenly and mysteriously grew out of control during May (and then became manageable again in June). It’s not the only explanation floating about – there’s plenty about high travel volumes, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) personnel shortages, etc. etc. – but it’s the one that appeals to the disgruntled traveler in all of us. In the absence of definitive answers, why shouldn’t two of the biggest gripes we all have with air travel – luggage fees and long security wait times – be a case of cause and effect? (read more)

Cyber Security
New Security Feature Protects Sensitive Employee Information – Georgia Tech News Center
Beginning Thursday, July 14, Georgia Tech employees will be asked to verify their identity online by completing a simple math problem (used to confirm that the user is human and not a computer) and entering the last five digits of their Social Security number when accessing all features of the employee self-service area of TechWorks. These features include payroll, tax, and compensation and benefits information. Employees currently enrolled in two-factor authentication will not have to provide this additional layer of identity verification. (read more)

Worship Security
Local Jewish institutions receive $370,000 in Homeland Security grants (St. Louis) – St. Louis Jewish Light
The Department of Homeland Security has provided $370,000 in security grants to six local Jewish organizations and synagogues. (read more)
Security Technology
Can next-generation bomb ‘sniffing’ technology outdo dogs on explosives detection? – Phys Org
With each terrorist attack on another airport, train station or other public space, the urgency to find new ways to detect bombs before they’re detonated ratchets up. (read more)

Security Industry
Convergint Technologies Buys Intelligent Building Systems Provider TACanada – Security Sales & Integration
Convergint Technologies continues to stay busy, announcing the acquisition of TACanada, an intelligent building systems provider, on Wednesday. (read more)
Nortek Acquired for $2.8B by Melrose Industries – Security Sales & Integration
Nortek announced on Wednesday that it will be acquired by Melrose Industries and Nevada Corp for approximately $2.8 billion at $86 per share in cash. (read more)

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