Daily Report – 5/4/16

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Schools snoop students’ social media to sniff out security threats – Fox News
For now, you have to do something overt to attract the attention of campus social justice warriors before they can censor you (post a valid critique of a video game, say, or question the employment rates of Gender Studies majors). (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
Arizona agency ups security after San Bernardino shooting (Phoenix) – ABC15.com
The Arizona Department of Economic Security is adding more armed guards and other increased security measures in the wake of the deadly shooting in San Bernardino, California, at a social service agency. (read more)
Legality of evidenced gathered by surveillance cams challenged in Ore. case (Portland, Ore.) –SecurityInfoWatch
Portland police Detective Travis Fields suspected two auto shops in North Portland were paying cash for stolen cars and crushing them to sell for scrap metal, but he needed more evidence. (read more)
House bill would require DHS report on threat to seaports – The Hill
The House Intelligence Committee’s annual spy policy bill – approved by the committee on Friday – would order the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to submit a report to Congress on the threat of cyberattacks on U.S. seaports. (read more)
If you use the downtown Minneapolis library bathrooms, you’ll be on camera (Minneapolis) – City Pages
The Minneapolis Central Library boasts a sun-draped atrium, a roof sodded with low-lying greenery – and unbeknownst to most patrons – security cameras in every public restroom inside the glass-and-steel shrine on Hennepin Avenue. (read more)
Mayor to expand public surveillance to ‘all areas’ of Fort Myers (Fort Myers, Fla.) – WINKNews.com
Security cameras, like those installed in downtown, could expand to other neighborhoods in the city. (read more)
Campus Security
Coordination Vital To School Emergency Preparedness (Detroit) – HomelandSecurityToday.us
Many serious threats, from active shooters to natural disasters, put America’s 50 million public school children at risk. Although efforts to improve school safety have increased substantially in response to the recent spate of school shootings, federal agencies need to improve interagency collaboration on school emergency preparedness, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report. (read more)
Ohio school district updates policies to address social media threats (Butler County, Ohio) –SecurityInfoWatch
Students at Southwest Ohio’s second largest school district will soon have new rules of conduct after a growing frequency of school closures due to threats made on social media locally and throughout the state. (read more)
Public v. Private College Peace Officers-What’s the Difference? (California) – Campus Safety
According to University of Southern California (USC) Department of Public Safety Chief John Thomas and Deputy Chief Dave Carlisle, there is a big difference between what peace officers at California’s public colleges and universities are legally able to do versus what public safety officers can do at private institutions of higher education. (read more)
Police: Man crept into Bryant University dorms and groped students (Smithfield, R.I.) – WHDH.com
Police are looking for a man accused of creeping into dorms at Bryant University and groping students while they slept. (read more)
Tennessee campus carry becomes law without Haslam signature (Tennessee) – WDTN.com
A bill allowing staff and faculty at Tennessee’s public colleges and universities to be armed on campus became law Monday without the Republican governor’s signature. (read more)
Government report: Crime dropped overall in nation’s schools – TimesLeaderOnline.com
The latest government snapshot of school crime paints a picture of safer schools with declines in violent crime, bullying and harassment because of sexual orientation. (read more)
Transportation Security
Poll: Nearly two-thirds of Americans support full-body scanners at airports – The Washington Post
Nearly two-thirds of Americans support the new full-body security-screening machines at the country’s airports, as most say they put higher priority on combating terrorism than protecting personal privacy, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. (read more)
WESH 2 News investigates security at Orlando International Airport (Orlando) – WESH.com
WESH 2 News is giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how security is conducted at Orlando International Airport. WESH 2’s Greg Fox shows us how the Transportation Security Administration uncovers security threats. (read more)
Cyber Security
What are the 3 Key Layers in Healthcare Data Security? – HealthITSecurity
The healthcare industry used to be on the sidelines of the cyber war, with breaches and malicious attacks far more common elsewhere. That has all changed. (read more)

Calif. case raises questions about government’s ability to obtain biometric identifiers – SecurityInfoWatch
Multi-factor authentication has become commonplace as a number of industries, particularly the government sector, is looking to strengthen security measures. (read more)
The future of health and hospitality may be secured with biometrics – IT ProPortal
Biometrics leads the technology industry as a security and identification solution that is virtually tamper-proof. Plastic ID cards, signatures, tokens, and passwords have all proved their vulnerability over the years of identity theft, counterfeiting and fraud. So far, biometrics has surpassed them all in protecting identities and increasing efficiency in identification and verification across a variety of sectors. (read more)

Home Security/Automation
Smarter home security camera recognises intruders says maker – EuroNews
Netatmo Welcome is one of a growing number of smart home security cameras competing for its share of the market. Developed by a French company, it uses smart face recognition technology to identify family members and friends and alerts home owners of unwanted visitors. (read more)
DC Residents Get Rebates for Installing Security Cameras (Washington, D.C.) – NBC Washington
A new program in D.C. helps pay for residents and business owners to buy surveillance cameras — if they register them with the District to help catch criminals. (read more)
Worship Security
Officials: FBI thwarts plot against Florida Jewish center (Miami) – In Homeland Security
A man’s planned explosive attack on a South Florida Jewish center was thwarted by the FBI through an undercover operation involving a dummy bomb, authorities said Monday. (read more)

Security Industry
AlliedBarton to merge with Universal Services of America – SecurityInfoWatch
Two of the nation’s largest contract security companies, AlliedBarton Security Services and Universal Services of America, announced on Tuesday that they have agreed to merge. (read more)
How poor cam choice becomes security risk – Gadget
Despite the exciting features of today’s video surveillance cameras, poor solution design and poor camera placement compromises the end result and renders most cameras of little or no security value. He says that this ultimately results in a camera-system that may fail to solve security challenges on a site. (read more)
Convergint Technologies Acquires Total Recall Corp. – Security Sales & Integration
Convergint Technologies announced today the acquisition of Total Recall Corp, a video-centric security technology provider specializing in surveillance solutions, including command and control centers, wireless connectivity, and video network design and management. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. (read more)
Honeywell Establishes Business Unit for Industrial Internet of Things – Security Sales & Integration
Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) announces it has established a new business unit to help manufacturers harness the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and is said to more rapidly deploy technologies that will allow them to better manage and analyze data, making their operations safer, more reliable and more efficient. (read more)
Security Industry Challenges: From Security Education To Meeting Customer Expectations –SourceSecurity.com
There are many challenges currently facing the security marketplace, and I asked several industry players recently to reflect on those challenges. Their comments highlight familiar subjects to us all: The need for education. The challenge to meet customer expectations. The dilemma of combining old technologies with new ones. (read more)

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