Daily Report – 4/20/16

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Senate passes bill that would boost airport security – The Washington Post
The Senate approved a bipartisan aviation policy bill Tuesday that would boost airport security, extend new protections to airline passengers and help speed the introduction of package-delivery drones. (read more)
How the Boston Marathon Used Security Technology (Boston) – NBC News
Three years after a deadly bombing at the Boston Marathon, technology has changed the way law enforcement and first responders monitor the event. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
L.A.’s effort to equip officers with body cameras stalls (Los Angeles) – Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles’ much-touted plan to equip thousands of police officers with body cameras has stalled amid controversy at City Hall over the program’s price tag and whether the Police Department got the best deal possible. (read more)
Part of $2.5M to Ohio troopers for Kasich security (Columbus, Ohio) – The Blade
Ohio taxpayers’ tab for protecting Gov. John Kasich while he campaigns for president outside the state apparently played a role in Monday’s release of an additional $2.5 million for the Ohio Highway Patrol. (read more)
Apple Gets Thousands of Requests From Law Enforcement, Transparency Report Shows – The Wall Street Journal
Even as Apple Inc. and the U.S. government disagree over how much the company should help investigators extract data from locked iPhones, law enforcement continues to frequently seek Apple’s help. (read more)
SkyCop ‘Sentinel’ program gets initial approval (Memphis, Tenn.) – Memphis Business Journal
With various Memphis neighborhoods seeking City Council approval to buy their own police surveillance cameras each month, the city is looking to fund a city-wide roll out. (read more)
This N.Y. Utility Offers Power, Gas — and Security Cameras (New York) – Bloomberg
In an effort to win new customers, power and natural gas suppliers across the U.S. are offering incentives that have little — or nothing — to do with the energy they deliver. (read more)
Campus Security
Minnesota’s ERs become ‘holding pens’ with surge in psych patients (Minnesota) – SecurityInfoWatch
Hospital emergency rooms across Minnesota are reporting a surge in mental health patients that has turned many ERs into “holding pens” for troubled and sometimes violent adults, often at the expense of other patients needing urgent care. (read more)
Kan. School Board Looking for $2M Cybersecurity Improvement (Wichita, Kan.) – Campus Safety
The Wichita School Board superintendent has asked the board to approve up to $2 million to improve its cybersecurity systems. (read more)
Manchester school board OKs grant to go toward surveillance camera funding (Manchester, N.H.) – New Hampshire Union Leader
The Manchester Board of School Committee voted Monday to accept a grant that will provide roughly half the funding needed to place security cameras in city schools. (read more)
Colorado School District Buys Semi-Automatic Long Rifles (Douglas County, Colo.) – KKTV.com
Powerful new weapons will be used in one Colorado school district to protect the kids. (read more)
New Security Features To Be Installed At Audubon School Buildings (Audubon, Iowa) – CBC Online
For years the front doors at both buildings in the Audubon Community School district have been kept unlocked; allowing visitors to freely enter the buildings near the front offices. Superintendent Bret Gibbs says the district may be one of the few left in the state which doesn’t require visitors to buzz in to gain access to the building, but that will change this fall. (read more)
SC lawmaker pushes for mandatory surveillance cameras in day care facilities (South Carolina) – WIAT.com
Lawmakers in Columbia continue to argue over issues that impact everything from our roads to our children, but one Upstate lawmaker is pushing to put children’s safety first. (read more)
Surveillance cameras part of new security measures funded by Measure T (Torrance, Calif.) – HS Insider Los Angeles Times
Around 70 new Sony security cameras have been installed across campus and in the football stadium as a part of Measure T and Measure U, approved by Torrance voters in November 2014. Part of what is being funded by these measures is better security for all campuses within the district. (read more)
More security at Emory and Henry after racial vandalism (Emory, Va.) – WCYB.com
Racially motivated vandalism at Emory and Henry College has the Washington County, VA Sheriff’s Office stepping up security. (read more)
On Columbine Shooting Anniversary, School Security Industry Continues Expanding Despite Challenges –International Business Times
The April 20, 1999, massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, sparked a renewed gun control debate, flooded schools with police officers and inspired a wave of zero-tolerance discipline policies. As a result, one of the deadliest school shootings in American history launched the issue of school security into the national spotlight. (read more)
Transportation Security
Dallas Area Rapid Transit Awards Australian Firm Mobile Video Surveillance Contract (Dallas) – Security Sales & Integration
DTI Group of Perth, Australia, has been awarded a contract with Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) for the supply and installation of advanced video surveillance systems on light rail vehicles (LRVs). (read more)
Transport security focus at London counter-terror fair (Update) (London) – Phys.org
A red line appears on the computer screen as a man with a dummy gun and a fake suicide vest under his jacket demonstrates a body scanner at a counter-terrorism technology fair in London on Tuesday. (read more)
Union reps say more security needed at Van Nuys Airport (Los Angeles) – Los Angeles Daily News
Union representatives for Los Angeles airport police officers said Monday they want city leaders to boost patrol-officer staffing at Van Nuys Airport, where there have been three security breaches and vandalism in recent months. (read more)
Are brain scans the future of biometric authentication? – Trusted Reviews 
Forget fingerprints and retina scans – the future of biometric authentication could be your brain. (read more)
Home Security/Automation
Installed Home Technology Boosts Home Builders’ Bottom Line, Says CTA – Security Sales & Integration
One-third of U.S. home builders (36%) say they have experienced revenue increases due to home technology installations, according to the Consumer Technology Association’s 14th Annual State of the Builder Technology Market Study. Since 2009, the number of builders reporting revenue increases rose more than 10 percentage points, demonstrating that installed home technology has helped the home builder industry bounce back from the recession. (read more)
Worship Security
Mississippi Gov. Signs Law Allowing Armed Church Security (Mississippi) – Security Magazine
Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed a bill allowing churches to create security programs. (read more)
Security Industry
Johnson Controls Partners With Cisco on Smart Building Initiative – Security Sales & Integration
Johnson Controls has joined Cisco Digital Ceiling as a founding building automation partner. The Digital Ceiling framework “provides a platform to deliver better user experiences through the convergence of the IT network and building technologies, including HVAC, lighting, security, motion detection, and other sensors and actuators,” as documented by ArchNews.com. (read more)
Protection 1 enhances eSuite data analytics platform – Security System News
Protection 1’s eSuite 2.0, the latest version of its data analytics/reporting platform for commercial customers, has a number of new features including mobile device capability. (read more)
Bosch, Genetec and SecureXperts Launch Cybersecure IP Video Solution – SDM
Bosch Security Systems Inc., Genetec Inc., and SecureXperts have collaborated in the design and development of an IP video solution that is resilient against unauthorized access, malware, brute force cracking and other exploit techniques. It uses Credentialed High Assurance Video Encryption (CHAVE) technology to provide highly secure identification and authentication through multi-factor smart card credentials. This makes it ideal for mission critical applications and infrastructure protection. (read more)

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