Daily Update – 3/28/16

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Brussels subway death toll highlights airport security focus – Chicago Tribune
The Brussels terrorist attacks show how subway passengers can be even more vulnerable than airline travelers. But that’s not where public attention — or federal security spending — has gone in the United States. (read more)
Nuclear security: Continuous improvement or dangerous decline? – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
World leaders face a stark choice at the final Nuclear Security Summit later this week: Will they commit to efforts that continue to improve security for nuclear weapons, fissile materials, and nuclear facilities, or will the 2016 summit be seen in retrospect as the point at which attention drifted elsewhere, and nuclear security stalled and began to decline? The answer will shape the chances that terrorist groups, including the Islamic State, could get their hands on the materials they need to build a crude nuclear bomb. (read more)
Federal, State and Municipal Security
After Brussels attacks, U.S. officials push Europe to bolster security – PBS
For more on the security questions raised in the United States by the terrorist attacks in Belgium, I am joined by “Washington Post” national security reporter Adam Goldman, who is in Washington. (read more)
Belgium attacks reinforce that security is everybody’s problem – CIO
I’ve had some rather unusual security training over the years. One of my earliest jobs was in security and law enforcement, and my course of study in graduate and undergraduate school included covering some of the largest security disasters in corporate history. Oh, and I was an internal auditor leader for a time when we had a tight emphasis on security. And, I’ve actually been a body guard. (read more)
GOP convention security gears up amid fears of threats (Cleveland) – McClatchy DC
Organizers for the Republican National Convention are preparing security for the gathering in Cleveland in July amid an unusually combustible environment, in which the threat of terrorist attacks is now joined by the unpredictable behavior of foes and supporters of GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump. (read more)
Is your company prepared for a Brussels-style attack? – SecurityInfoWatch
Less than six months after terrorists launched simultaneous attacks across Paris killing 130 people and wounding hundreds of others, Europe was once again rocked by terror this week in the Belgian capital of Brussels when bombs exploded inside the city’s international airport and subway. The attacks killed at least 31 people and wounded nearly 300 others.  A U.S. official confirmed on Friday that two Americans were among those killed. (read more)
Cubs up the Security at Wrigley Field (Chicago) – Security Today
The Cubs will open Wrigley Field to fans two and a half hours before game time for the home opener on April 11 because of new security measures. (read more)
Campus Security
Nurses mull strike at Brigham over security (Foxborough, Mass.) – Boston Herald
Worried nurses at Brigham and Women’s Hospital say they could strike as early as this spring if their complaints about lax security are not addressed in the wake of a surgeon’s murder last year. (read more)
Texas School District to Arm Teachers For Security (Montague County, Texas.) – Campus Safety
A Texas school district’s board members voted to launch a program to arm staff members March 21. (read more)
Crime block: College testing new ID checkpoints (Chicago) – The Columbia Chronicle
While walking to class March 9, Abby Lee Hood, a senior journalism major, was startled by a group of six or seven males kicking and punching a college-aged male lying on the ground in front of the University Center of Chicago, 525 S. State St. She quickly called the police before rushing over to aid the victim. (read more)
Anti-Semitic hackers target UMaine, other schools with fliers (Orono, Maine) – WGME.com
The University of Maine is among several major colleges and universities around the country targeted in recent days in what appears to be a coordinated attack by hackers who sent racist, anti-Semitic fliers through campus printers. (read more)
UBC students warned about intruder before assault, security head says (Vancouver, British Columbia) – The Globe and Mail
The head of campus security at the University of British Columbia says students were warned about a prowler in the women’s residences before a violent sexual assault on the weekend. (read more)
OUR OPINION: Bomb hoaxes a growing threat to schools – CentralMaine.com
In what is becoming a familiar scene, Gray-New Gloucester High School was evacuated last Friday following a bomb threat. (read more)
Transportation Security
Flight Attendant Cocaine Case Raises Security Issues – The New York Times
Within hours of ditching 70 pounds of cocaine at a security checkpoint and bolting barefoot out of the main Los Angeles airport, an off-duty flight attendant was flying across the country after clearing security at the same airport, law enforcement officials say. (read more)
Teen slain on Metro platform was with his mom, on way to get haircut for Easter (Washington, D.C.) – The Washington Post
The teenager shot and killed Saturday on a Metro station platform was on his way to get a haircut for Easter and was standing next to his mother and younger sisters when he was attacked, a relative said Sunday night.(read more)

Cyber Security
More California Hospitals Attacked by Hackers Using Ransomware (California) – NewsFactor
Two more Southern California hospitals have been attacked by hackers who infiltrated their computer systems with ransomware and demanded payment to unlock the data, officials said. (read more)

Chinese Researchers Invent New Police Car That Can Scan Criminals’ Faces – The Wall Street Journal
When you’re a cop in a country of 1.3 billion people, playing hide-and-seek with suspected criminals can be a daunting task. (read more)
Home Security/Automation
Video Doorbells Help Thwart Burglaries in Los Angeles Neighborhood (Santa Monica, Calif.) – Security Sales & Integration
The Los Angeles Police Department is partnering with Ring, the maker of video doorbells, in an effort to reduce home burglaries in a local neighborhood. (read more)
Security Industry
These are the invisible cameras of the future – TechRadar
Hidden cameras are getting harder to spot: old, hefty spy gadgets you had to hide under a thick coat have been replaced tiny devices in the tips of pens that live stream HD video. Soon, thanks to new tech, spycams could even be entirely invisible. (read more)
ADT sets date for merger vote – SecurityInfoWatch
ADT shareholders will vote April 22 on a $6.9 billion acquisition by an affiliate of Apollo Global Management. (read more)
Siemens Opens Cybersecurity Operation Centers to Protect Industrial Facilities – Security Sales & Integration
Siemens has opened a cybersecurity operation center (CSOC) in Milford, Ohio, as well as a joint location in Lisbon and Munich. (read more)

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